July 2018

Is it a scavenger hunt? Is it an outdoor escape room? Is it a puzzle?

Whatever it is, it’s the best way to reignite your interest in being a tourist in your own town! Mystery Town Tours turns an ordinary city into a challenging puzzle you can solve. Whether you’re just passing through, or you’ve made your home in Calgary for years, join the adventure! A Mystery Town experience will lead you on a clue solving journey, revealing great shopping and dining, history and art, and secrets even the locals don’t know about.

If you have a mobile phone and a few people who want to have some fun, you’re ready to go! From family and friends to parties or teambuilding, any group of people will work. Pick your tour, in Calgary or the surrounding area, and an intended date, and get touring.

Once you begin your game, you will be sent a series of approximately 20 clues by text or app. Each clue will lead you on an easy walk to a different location where you will solve a puzzle or find a hidden word. Text your answer in and if it’s correct, you’ll get the next clue. Remember, the clock is ticking, but there will be breaks along the way for refreshment (Depending on COVID-19 restrictions at the time.). After all, it’s supposed to be fun! (You can always ask for a hint if you’re stuck, although you’ll take a 10-minute penalty.) Once the adventure is complete and you’ve solved the mystery, check out how well you did on the leaderboard. Was your time the fastest or did you end up lingering over your tour just a little longer?

Calgary & Area

Mystery Town Tours currently has several different options, both in Calgary and in neighbouring areas. Many of the tours have needed to be adjusted to accommodate for COVID-19, but there are still many adventures available. If you would rather stay at home, they even have options for that. See the Adventure Directory and plan some fun for this weekend!

Mystery Town Tours (Family Fun Calgary)

Our First Mystery Town Tour

It was a cold winter’s afternoon when we discovered Mystery Town Tours and the Airport Caper. Teamed up with strangers at an event, and no idea what we were getting into, we were given our first clue at the Calgary International Airport. This tour doesn’t leave the airport building (and is no longer available), and it didn’t take us long before our team was chatting, guessing, and speeding off to our next clue. I was surprised at how much fun running around the airport could be, even without tickets to a tropical destination! The challenge? Find the manifest information with the destination and names of some very important passengers for the Marriott In-Terminal Hotel. This tour is 2.5 kms and takes an hour or two, with optional breaks. Perfect for kids, it’s a great way to kill time during a long connection, or even just for some rainy day entertainment!

No matter what tour you choose, enjoy the discovery this amazing activity will bring. Appreciate the scenery, check out the shops, and discover the secrets of your town. It’s the perfect excuse to get out and enjoy an Alberta day with people you love. And proving your terrific puzzle-solving skills is just a bonus.

*Tours are subject to change.

Mystery Town Tours:

Website: www.mysterytowntours.com