Summer is on its way, with those wonderful days of sleeping in, eating popsicles, and playing with friends. But parents are starting to think about a long summer ahead of them, and we know that a little structure over the summer can be a good thing! Stryker Sports has basketball and volleyball summer camps that engage the body and keep the kids active. From little ones entering grade one and just beginning to play team sports up to teens entering grade 11 who have experience on the court, these camps teach more about the game and give kids a chance to have fun and thrive in a positive sports environment.

Stryker Sports offers a wonderful opportunity for young players to develop to their maximum potential as an athlete and as a person. Certified and knowledgeable coaches offer personalized attention to encourage and challenge young athletes to be their best selves. Once in camp, players are grouped according to size, age, and experience. Camps for the older kids help advance skills for players who want to develop in the sport, giving them a great advantage when they try out for school teams! With every camp, kids will receive a volleyball or basketball T-shirt, a string bag, and a water bottle. More than that, they will be kept busy and active, making friends and gaining expertise in areas that reach far beyond playing a sport.

With multiple locations in all quadrants of Calgary and the Okotoks area, you’ll likely find a camp near you. (See locations and weeks here.) Depending on location and camp, you can also choose from full days or half days. If your child is can’t decide between basketball or volleyball, you’ll want to check out the full-day camps that offer both sports!

Stryker Sports Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)

Besides the focus on being active and having fun, Stryker Sports teaches the value of a well-rounded life and the importance of nutrition and rest. Nutrition is key to the long-term development of young athletes, and it is important to find a healthy balance between school, sports, other activities, and rest. Team sports help kids acquire many skills that translate into lifelong benefits, such as cooperation, persistence, and leadership.

Not to mention, they stay fit and have fun!

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Stryker Sports Summer Camps:

When: July and August 2022
Full days, 9 am – 4 pm; Half days, 9 am – 12 pm or 1 – 4 pm
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