Summer Deals (Family Fun Calgary)

It can be pricey to take a family out for treats these days. So we’ve compiled a list of hot summer deals where you can grab a treat for only a dollar or two and save some loonies! As always, things are subject to change and only at participating locations.

All Summer Long

McDonalds Summer Deals

Only a dollar, all summer! Medium McDonalds soft drinks (or iced coffee) are only $1 during the summer. You can also get a McCafe Real Fruit Smoothie or a Coffee Iced Frappe for $2. Vanilla ice cream cones are only $1.29 and you can splurge on a sundae for $2.

But you know what these deals really mean? Buy an orange pop and vanilla ice cream, and you can get a creamsicle float for only $2.29!



Wendy's Summer Deals (Family Fun Calgary)

One of my favourites treats as a kid was malted ice cream. No one seems to know what that is anymore, so I’m probably just showing my age. BUT, the Wendy’s Frosty comes close enough for me and it’s only 99 cents all summer long. Delicious!





Burger King (Family Fun Calgary)

If you head to Burger King this summer, you’ll find $2 Mini Shakes and $1 soft serve ice cream. Shakes are notoriously expensive, but this way you get a little treat and keep more money in your wallet!


Enjoy the treats of summer while keeping more of the fruits of your labour in your pocket!