July 2015

Wings Over Springbank, Springbank AB July 18-19, 2015!

Wings Over Springbank is running this weekend at the Springbank Airport just off Highway 1 west of Calgary. I have never been to an airshow before and we thought going to Wings Over Springbank would be a perfect way to spend some family time together on a gorgeous Calgary summer day.

Tickets are $25.00 for adults/$15.00 for kids and are available for purchase online or at the door. If you are planning to go, head out early. Doors opened today at 10:00am and the show started at noon. We planned to arrive at just after 11am but instead of the 15 minute commute we budgeted, the traffic congestion pouring into the parking lot right before the show started made our trek over an hour long. Be sure to bring blankets or chairs to sit on, cash for the food trucks and plenty of water and sunscreen.

Between the bouncy castles, climbing in vintage war planes, shopping for trinkets and slurping on snow-cones, my kids had a blast. If you ask them the highlight of their day they’ll tell you all about their heart attacks when the F-18 soared silently overhead only to hear the thunder of its jet engine moments later. Many of the parents had their toddlers outfitted with earmuffs. Ear plugs are available for purchase on-site.

Here were some of the highlights of our day:

Cool old planes to admire. Most of them are privately owned, some of them were brought in by the Bomber Command Museum in Nanton.

Food trucks, bouncy castles and vendors selling souvenirs helped kids from getting too restless between shows.

The stars of the show were definitely the Snowbirds!