Butterfield Acres

Butterfield Acres Birthday Parties (Family Fun Calgary)
The Sweetest Birthday Parties Are at Butterfield Acres!

It’s amazing how much value animals can add to our lives, as they teach us about the world. That’s what makes Butterfield Acres such a huge hit with the little animal lovers in your household!  There’s so much to do at this farm on the city’s edge, from visiting the
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Butterfield Acres (Family Fun Calgary)
Experience Butterfield Acres: It’s Farm Fun From Spring Babies to Fall Pumpkins

A day spent outside on the farm is good for the soul, and Butterfield Acres is Calgary’s home for fun on the farm. Right on the NW edge of the city, it’s easy to bring your city kids to experience a taste of farm animal life from spring to fall. You
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Barnyard Babies Butterfield Acres (Family Fun Calgary)
Sweet Spring Celebrations! It’s Barnyard Baby Days at Butterfield Acres

The most adorable event of the year is coming up, for sweet spring celebrations! Bring your ‘babies’ out to meet brand-new animal babies this spring with Barnyard Baby Days at Butterfield Acres. It’s a day filled with farm fun, the excitement of new life, and hands-on experiences. Located on the
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Butterfield Acres' Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)
Go Offline and Outside at Butterfield Acres’ Summer Camps for the Real Farm Experience!

This summer, it’s time to go offline and get outside. Give your kids a week on the farm at Butterfield Acres’ summer camps for a summer to remember! Your little animal lovers or outdoor enthusiasts will love their time at Butterfield Acres; you’ll love all the fresh air they get
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Butterfield Acres Harvest Pumpkin Fest (Family Fun Calgary)
Pumpkins, Fall Foliage, and Wonderful Family Memories: It’s the Butterfield Acres Harvest Pumpkin Fest

Fall disappears in the blink of an eye — just like those special moments with your little ones! Make the most of the season and your family time with an outing to Butterfield Acres for their special Harvest Pumpkin Fest. As the leaves turn and there’s a nip in the
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Butterfield Farms in NW Calgary is a great place to spend a day with your family.
Spend a Day on the Farm at Butterfield Acres

Spring is in the air and Calgary families are coming out of hibernation and looking for family fun in the great outdoors. That is, parents are wanting to get everyone out of the house; kids are sometimes a little resistant to getting back outside after a long winter. Not to worry…
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