Butterfield Acres

Butterfield Acres Harvest Pumpkin Fest (Family Fun Calgary)
Find the Perfect Jack-o-Lantern During the Butterfield Acres Harvest Pumpkin Fest

Head to Butterfield Acres this fall for the Harvest Pumpkin Fest! Weekends in October bring you the chance to stroll through the farmyard, enjoying the fall season. Buy your perfect pumpkin, visit the animals, and take some wonderful fall pictures. You can also enjoy pony rides or a tractor ride through
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Butterfield Acres (Family Fun Calgary)
Experience Butterfield Acres: It’s Farm Fun From Spring Easter Hunts to Fall Pumpkins

Butterfield Acres is a petting zoo or hands-on farm for kids and families but entertaining for all ages. It is a unique and fun farm experience. […]

Butterfield Acres' Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)
Get Offline and Outside at Butterfield Acres’ Farm Summer Camps!

It’s been a year of screentime, so this summer, it’s time to shut the laptops, turn off the devices, and get outside! If you live in Calgary, there’s a very good chance you’re raising bona fide city kids. Calgary is a fabulous city, with many opportunities for families to stay active
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Butterfield Acres (Family Fun Calgary)
Happy Birthday to EWE! Butterfield Acres Farm Birthday Parties COVID-Style!

Have a little animal-lover in your life? A birthday is a perfect time to make them say, “AWWW!” It can be difficult during this time of COVID-19 to come up with unique ideas to celebrate your kids. Butterfield Acres Farm will hopefully be opening in July 2020 and they normally have
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Butterfield Acres Easter (Family Fun Calgary)
CANCELLED Help Out the Easter Bunny on the Farm at One of Butterfield Acres’ Legendary Easter Hunts

  CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19 RESTRICTIONS Butterfield Acres’ popular Easter Hunts start on April 4, 2020! Participants help find items that the Easter Bunny needs to make Easter eggs and then receive a treat, as well as a pot of soil and some quick-growing seeds. This event is highly recommended
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Fun on the Farm (Family Fun Calgary)
Your Guide to Farm Fun Around Calgary!

I grew up in the country, but have lived in cities my whole adult life. My kids, on the other hand, are born and bred city kids. One time, we went to a corn maze and one of my children (who will remain nameless to protect the ridiculous) exclaimed, “I
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Butterfield Farms in NW Calgary is a great place to spend a day with your family.
Spend a Day on the Farm at Butterfield Acres

Spring is in the air and Calgary families are coming out of hibernation and looking for family fun in the great outdoors. That is, parents are wanting to get everyone out of the house; kids are sometimes a little resistant to getting back outside after a long winter. Not to worry…
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