Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) is a wonderful destination for outdoor enthusiasts looking to enjoy a delightful picnic surrounded by picturesque landscapes and stunning coastal views. With numerous parks, beaches, and green spaces, here is a list of the top places to have a picnic in HRM.

Halifax Public Gardens

1. Public Gardens

The Halifax Public Gardens are the perfect place to picnic in the summertime.  Admire the meticulously manicured flower beds, serene fountains, and take a leisurely stroll around the beautiful paths. Try setting up your basket in the grassy area on the south side of the gardens where there’s lots of space to play. Or, on a Sunday afternoon, catch the Public Gardens Summer Concert Series, (starting June 25th, 2023) every Sunday at 2:00 pm.


2. Halifax Commons

The Halifax Commons are a great place to have a family picnic. With acres to choose from, our top choice is the Central Common, adjacent to Bell Road. There you’ll find a playground, skate park, paddling pool and a deliciously cold swimming pool- all FREE to use!  A short walk across the street and you’ll find the Emera Oval- a great place for summer roller skating. The perfect family day out!

3 Amazing Places to Picnic in Halifax-Dartmouth

3. Seaview Park

Controversially, the community of Africville in Halifax’s North End was eventually transformed into an off-leash dog park. Thankfully, the park was decommissioned in February 2016, which means that  Seaview Park is now an excellent place to take your family on a picnic. Enjoy your sandwiches at the former locations of Skinner’s Well or Tibby’s Pond. If you picnic from Tuesday to Sunday, stop in at the Africville Museum – a valuable archive located in the reconstructed Seaview Baptist Church (where you can find out exactly what Tibby’s Pond was all about!)

Park Avenue Community Oven

4. Leighton Dillman Park

Leighton Dillman is that beautiful hilly park that is part of the Dartmouth Common, right by the Zatzman Sportsplex in Downtown Dartmouth – and it’s one of the best places to Picnic in Halifax-Dartmouth. The Park Avenue Community Oven (Opening June 10th, 2023) at Leighton Dillman Park in Dartmouth is open every Saturday, seasonally, from 12:00 noon until 3:00 pm. Anyone is welcome to bring bread dough, pizzas, flatbread, tortillas, “anything you can bake in a pan”, or “anything you can bake in a pot”.

Here’s a crazy fact: at a temperature of 800 – 1000 degrees, a pizza will cook in one minute!

3 Amazing Places to Picnic in Halifax-Dartmouth

5. Point Pleasant Park

Located at the southern tip of the Halifax Peninsula, Point Pleasant Park offers a serene and tranquil atmosphere for picnickers. Explore its wooded trails, historical landmarks, and enjoy breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean. There are a many quiet corners of Point Pleasant Park in which your family can enjoy an al fresco feast, but we suggest a nice family picnic near the Cambridge Battery at about 6:00 pm. That gives you plenty of time to catch a Shakespeare by the Sea performance, which happens every night this summer (except Mondays) at 7:00pm (Opening July 8th, 2023).

Shubie Park picnic

6. Shubie Park

Situated along the historic Shubenacadie Canal, Shubie Park is an excellent spot for a family picnic. With ample space for games, a playground for kids, and access to the canal for kayaking and canoeing, it’s an ideal location for a fun-filled day.

The Dingle Picnic

7. Sir Sandford Fleming Park (Dingle Park)

Offering stunning views of the Northwest Arm, Dingle Park is a popular spot for picnics. Set up your blanket near the historic Dingle Tower and enjoy the surrounding greenery and waterfront vistas.

Crystal Crescent

8.Crystal Crescent Beach Provincial Park

If you’re looking for a beach picnic, Crystal Crescent Beach is the place to go. With its white sandy shores and crystal-clear waters, it’s an ideal location for a relaxing picnic by the ocean.

Remember to clean up after your picnic, leave no trace, and respect the environment. Enjoy your delightful outdoor meal and create lasting memories in the beautiful surroundings of Halifax Regional Municipality!