Inspire Young Einsteins with a Visit to the APEGA Science Olympics

APEGA Science OlympicsCreativity, discovery, and hands-on learning trump the dry reading of a textbook any day. In our fast-paced, technological world, we want our kids to be engaged in their own learning and understanding, plus enjoying their passions. The APEGA Science Olympics is an interactive, inter-school, science-packed event for students in grades 1 – 12. It offers the opportunity to put creativity and science knowledge to the test by turning everyday objects into engineering marvels and solving geoscience mysteries. This year, get involved in discovery!

APEGA Science OlympicsThe APEGA Science Olympics are not like a science fair, where students focus on the scientific process of developing and testing a hypothesis. They instead focus on the engineering design process students will develop to solve a problem. How do you lift the most weight? Build the most effective car bumper? How much force can your building withstand? What will you do to power a machine with water? Your kids can be exposed to the fields of engineering and geoscience while thinking and creating with their friends at school. Communication, teamwork, creative thinking, and problem-solving skills are the fantastic natural outcomes of these projects. Many areas of scientific study are covered while students learn to develop innovative ideas and work as a group. The engineering process prompts kids to ask, research, imagine, and plan before they create, test, and improve.

APEGA Science OlympicsWhile at the actual event, students will have the opportunity to present the Classroom Challenge project they have been working on. They are also given a series of problem-solving challenges that demonstrate the fun side of engineering and geoscience and allow students to see first-hand how these fields impact our everyday lives. All the challenges are related to the Alberta school curricula and have been developed by workgroups comprising of APEGA professional engineers and professional geoscientists, as well as local teachers. These Mystery Challenges give the kids a fun and fast-paced opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills from school.

APEGA Science OlympicsAt the end of the event, which is judged according to specific, understandable rubrics, students and spectators will see what worked, what didn’t, and the science behind it all! The APEGA Science Olympics will inspire critical thinking in our students. You’ll be amazed at what your child can come up with at this immersive and memorable event. Talk to your kids, talk to their teachers, get registered for creativity and discovery!

APEGA Science OlympicsRegistration deadline is January 12, 2020, and the actual event is May 9, 2020.

APEGA Science Olympics:

When: Registration Deadline: January 12, 2020; Event: May 9, 2020
Time: 8:30 am – 6 pm
Where: Olympic Oval, University of Calgary
Address: 288 Collegiate Boulevard NW, Calgary, AB
Website: www.apega.ca

Although we do our best to provide you with accurate information, all event details are subject to change. Please contact the facility to avoid disappointment.

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