Some girls were born to sing. The pandemic may have disrupted routines, but it’s time to sing together again! The Calgary Girls Choir has missed the harmony and the sounds of girls singing in community and maybe this is the year your girl will join the harmony and find her place, developing confidence, integrity, and life-long friendships.

The Calgary Girls Choir celebrates the blending of voices and pitches together in a harmony that binds choral singers as they create beauty and communion. Adding your voice to the collective harmony provides the creative satisfaction that was lost when live singing was impossible under the pandemic. When you join the music in a place that is meant for you, it is a moment like no other. Being part of the great and beautiful sound builds confidence and bolsters the spirit.

Calgary Girls Choir (Family Fun Calgary)

Calgary Girls Choir offers exceptional choral education. Their Kodály-based approach teaches in-tune singing, inner hearing, musical literacy, and Solfa. Rehearsals will continue to follow AHS regulations and prioritize safety. The emphasis will be on live singing as much as possible. Attending choir virtually will be an option, if necessary. Choristers are provided with supplementary aural, written, and video materials to help ensure their individual progress in all areas of the program. Girls will improve their musicianship, with a focus on vocal development, musical literacy, and instruction.

Ms. Elaine Quilichini, Artistic Director, founded the choir in 1995 and brings reputable, professional, and strong vocal training with the support of professional accompanists, a dedicated administration team, and a strong Board of Directors. The Calgary Girls Choir has become an award-winning and internationally renowned choir, known for their beautiful sound, tone quality, and superb vocal technique.

Calgary Girls Choir (Family Fun Calgary)

The Calgary Girls Choir is looking forward to live in-person performances and to celebrating the delayed 25th-anniversary concert. The pandemic may have delayed celebrations, but it’s time to start singing together again. Margaret King, an Albertan composer, has created 5 new pieces for the choir and it will be exciting to sing them for a live audience.

Organizational Mandate

The mandate for the Calgary Girls Choir is ‘Giving Young Women a Voice’ through choral music of all cultures and traditions. The Choir strives to increase the skill and knowledge of its choristers while instilling in them a passion for music and a means of expression. An award-winning and internationally renowned choir, the CGC is passionate about inspiring and empowering young women through the pursuit of musical excellence. Currently, there are four choir levels: Dolce, for Grade 1 – 4; Viva, for Grades 4 – 7; Brava for Grades 7+, and Espressa – a new women’s choir for ladies 19+.

Teamwork and cooperation are the cornerstones of a choir. In this non-competitive environment, choristers are supported and build confidence as they learn together through singing. Hearing other voices helps one to find and develop their own voice: belonging to a choir provides many opportunities to have fun, be social and enjoy learning together!

As a Kodály-based program, the CGC echoes the words of Zoltan Kodály, “Often a single experience will open the young soul to music for a whole lifetime.” The Calgary Girls Choir wants to ensure that young choristers continue to be awakened to the joy and beauty of music in these challenging and unprecedented times. It has never been more important.

Calgary Girls Choir (Family Fun Calgary)

Calgary Girls Choir:

Address: 3704 37 Street SW, Calgary, AB
Phone: 403-686-7444