Fall is coming with its crisp mornings, beautiful foliage, and getting kids back to a school schedule. This back-to-school reality often brings a comfortable degree of routine and predictability to family life. Don’t stop there, though! Slide fitness for the whole family into your schedule, too! Trico Centre for Family Wellness has programs for every member of your family, making it fun and easy to stay active.

Physical activity can help manage stress and improve our mental health, which sure sounds like a good thing after these last few years. When the kids go back to school and keep working on their literacy skills, they can add some fall fitness to keep up those physical literacy skills, too. Physical literacy recognizes that it is important to teach children fundamental movement and sports skills, like how to throw, catch, run, and move.

No matter what your family is interested in, you’ll find something you love. Trico offers everything from learn to skate and swimming programs to a variety of sports, fitness, and gymnastics programs. You might be surprised at the endless options! Whether your child wants to dabble in a variety of activities or pursue a passion, Trico Centre can help them develop a healthy, active lifestyle.

Trico Centre Fall Fitness (Family Fun Calgary)

Trico Centre knows what parents want, too. Their high-quality kids’ programs offer children a safe environment to learn and play. Programs are taught by qualified instructors who encourage independence and socialization. Focusing on building confidence and sparking creativity and imagination, they strive to deliver an environment where children feel valued, safe, and secure. The children’s programs at Trico Centre are designed with families in mind and they aim to help kids be the best they can be by enhancing a child’s physical well-being, developing their creative genius, and giving them a place to have fun.

NEW for the fall of 2022 is the Skill Builder Program, designed to enhance specific skills in children. Trico Centre is not just about physical fitness. They are also dedicated to reaching and supporting young people with their mental health, and overall physical, emotional, and intellectual development. Their mission is to help children and youth feel heard and cared for and to learn support strategies for their specific needs. They want to give kids a chance to try new activities, explore interests, and build confidence while they learn. Through the Skill Builder Program, children can take programs such as Executive Functioning, Leadership, Fine and Gross Motor Skills, Social Skills, and Self Regulation. They also offer sports programs to teach skills in a fun and non-competitive environment. Children will thrive with guidance to break tasks into smaller, more achievable steps and extra time to develop skills that have been personally challenging. The facilitators who lead these programs are, of course, trained and qualified instructors.

Trico Centre Fall (Family Fun Calgary)

But don’t forget about your own health: make getting back to fall fitness a family affair! Trico also has terrific options for adults, so you can model a healthy lifestyle for your family. Working out or enjoying some quiet time will contribute to your healthy life! Trico Centre has numerous drop-in options for families, as well. Head over for a leisure skate or hit the pool and the hot tub.

Outstanding programs, fall fitness, and a secure, positive place for your kids to continue developing? Sounds like a recipe for the best fall family fun. See you at Trico!

Trico Centre Fall Fitness (Family Fun Calgary)

Trico Centre Fall Fitness:

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