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Calgary Gymnastics Centre (Family Fun Calgary)

Calgary Gymnastics Centre is the largest gymnastics facility in Calgary. With two locations to choose from, in Canada Olympic Park and on Country Hills Blvd, it’s fun and convenient for kids to try out a wonderful all-around sport. Gymnastics is a great sport for teaching your child basic physical literacy. The strength, coordination, flexibility, and body awareness that is central to gymnastics is a must for many other sports. Of course, children love to move, jump, and challenge their bodies in interesting ways anyway, making gymnastics a wonderful active choice!

Calgary Gymnastics Centre offers classes for any age and any level at both their North and West locations. Everyone from babies to adults can enjoy the facilities and have fun challenging their bodies.

Tiny Tykes: 6 Months – 20 Months

Babies are busy! Crawlers and walkers will love climbing, sliding, and flipping over age-appropriate obstacles during this fun and interactive class. Bond with your baby, while each class captures their imagination with songs and explorations. Each new activity will engage their endless curiosity and help them to gain strength, balance, coordination and better muscle control.

Gym-A-Tot: 2 Years – 3.5 Years

Your child will love this cheerful class while they build their coordination and confidence. They can explore a variety of gymnastics equipment, and because the circuits change every week to follow a theme, the class is interesting and fun. Celebrate their accomplishments of age-appropriate skills like balance, forward rolls, mini-handstands, and more. With the use of balls, ribbons, hoops, and beanbags, your child will begin to develop their rhythm, fine motor skills, and listening skills.

Hot Shots: 3 – 4.5 Years 

This action-packed class will help those busy kids burn some energy and gain some independence. With exciting, theme-oriented circuits, your child will easily transition to more advanced classes, while learning great life skills like listening to directions, forming a line, and taking turns. They will begin learning proper gymnastics terminology through visual aids, songs, demonstrations, and take-home colouring sheets.

KinderGym: 4 – 6.5 Years

This program offers an advanced learning experience based on individual skill sets. Cardiovascular and muscular endurance, flexibility and strength are incorporated. Your child will get to work on all gymnastics events including vault, bars, beam, floor, and trampoline. The program will also assist your child to develop social skills, self-esteem, commitment, and a sense of achievement in a fun, friendly, and safe environment. 

KinderAdventure: 4 – 6.5 Years

Not sure which activity your child likes best? Can’t decide if your young athlete would rather bounce, jump, swing or twirl? KinderAdventure offers a variety of favourite programs in one session! Following the introduction day, your child will have the opportunity to experience two classes each of KinderGym, KinderBounce, KinderRhythmic and KinderYogis.

KinderNinjas: 4 – 6.5 Years

This program introduces young boys to the fundamentals of gymnastics. Your little Ninja will be working on all gymnastics events including vault, bars, beam, floor, and trampoline in an all-boys class. In addition, KinderNinjas will have the opportunity to play on some specific men’s apparatus which will support the development of strength, coordination and agility.

KinderCanGym 5 – 6.5 Years

In KinderCanGym, your child will increase fitness and the fundamentals of gymnastics with an emphasis on developing advanced skills, form, and technique. Important movement patterns like landings, locomotion, rotations, springs, statics, and swings will be practiced, allowing kids to develop strength, flexibility, balance, coordination and self-esteem.

CanGym: 6 – 17 years

The CanGym program allows any child ages 6 – 17 to work at their own level, mastering skills and earning badges from the progressional CanGym program set out by Gymnastics Canada. Families are kept informed of the skills to be mastered and skills that already have been mastered.

Adult Gymnastics: 18+

Calgary Gymnastics Centre Adult Gymnastics is suitable for EVERYONE – even if you have never been in a gym before! This class will consist of a structured warm-up and stretch, instruction on a variety of gymnastics skills, and an optional conditioning circuit. (Kids don’t get all the fun!)

Registration is now open for fall classes. Let your kids discover the joy of movement and the wonder of what their amazing little bodies can accomplish at the Calgary Gymnastics Centre!

Calgary Gymnastics Centre:

Where: Calgary Gymnastics Centre WEST
Address: 179 Canada Olympic Road SW, Calgary, AB
Phone: 403-242-1171

Where: Calgary Gymnastics Centre NORTH
Address: #60 – 2638 Country Hills Blvd NE, Calgary, AB
Phone: 587-319-2231


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