I am thrilled that the zoo is renewing our annual passes this year so you will get to hear more about our adventures for another season! They are upgrading us to Inspire memberships (from Engage) so we can get a chance to experience the perks available at this highest level. I am excited to explore the differences between the memberships after having the Engage level this past year.

Butterflys at the Calgary Zoo

The butterfly garden is bursting with butterflies. This month’s Inspire guided tour is in the Butterfly Pavilion

Some of the the “extras” we will get with our new passes:
-Unlimited Zoo Lights
-Monthly guided tours (I think I am looking forward to this the most)
-Annual opportunity to visit Zoo Ranch (this should be cool!)

Peacocks on display at the Calgary Zoo

If you look close you will see 3! Peacocks putting their feathers on display

We had a fun visit this last time with lots of peacocks on display. Must be spring! I don’t know if they zoo has more peacocks than in the past but I have never seen so many showing off each visit.

I am most happy about a few close encounters with the Dinosaurs. As you know ever since a fateful visit to Dinosaurs Alive Grady has refused to go into the Dinosaur Park and used to say “But no Dinosaurs, right Mommy?” every time we headed to the zoo. I guess the trauma has passed and we were able to get a little closer this time without a fuss. Goal for this year? I think a walk through the whole Dinosaur Park would be nice!

Exploring Dinosaur Park at the Calgary Zoo

Grady (finally!) getting close to the dinos

It is funny how quickly kids become entrenched in a routine isn’t it? Fascinating and annoying at the same time the things they choose as “must do” for various things. One of Grady’s new ones is eating snack or lunch in the African Savannah building by the hippos. At least it provides more entertainment than a busy cafeteria!

Hotdogs with the Hippos at the Calgary Zoo

Hotdogs for lunch with the Hippos

One thing I am doing is trying to get more steps in my day after being inspired to buy a FitBit and the zoo is a great place to go for a walk! I think I got about 5000 extra steps on this 2.5hr visit.

Some great upcoming events to check out are:
June 10 – Wild Life Kids Club (age 6-15) “Tracks and Scat”
June 12 – Wild Life Kids Club (age 0-5) “Tracks and Scat”
June 19 – Inspire guided tour “Butterflies”
June 23 – Breakfast with the Zookeepers “Penguins”

I am excited to try out more things at the zoo in the upcoming year. Is there anything you would like to hear more about?