Local Stories and Adventures

Canmore Cave Tours (Family Fun Calgary)
Come With Me Into Grotto Mountain! An Adventure You’ll Never Forget With Canmore Cave Tours

November 2018 With a clunk, my head hit the rock above me. “Thanks for testing that helmet,” our guide, Max, called back. “Still working!” I said. I’d “tested” it several times already. I refocussed on the rocks beneath my feet, and knees and hands. It’s a good thing I was
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Canmore Malcolm Hotel (Family Fun Calgary)
Splurge Close to Home This Year: Canmore is a World-Class Destination

November 2018 King Malcolm III of Scotland was an intrepid warrior who ruled from 1058 – 1093. He came to power after killing the legendary Macbeth in battle, avenging the death of his father, Duncan. Credited by some with founding a dynasty that consolidated royal power in Scotland, his lineage
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Hexagon Board Game Cafe (Family Fun Calgary)
Hexagon Board Game Cafe: Coffee, Camaraderie, and the Thrill of Victory

October 2018 Over the last several years, Board Game Cafes have begun popping up all over the place, giving the family game ritual a new venue. Late to the party, as always, my family just hit up one of these cafes in Calgary, in honour of my husband’s birthday. My
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Calgary Corn Maze (Family Fun Calgary)
More Than Just a Maze: Our Visit to the Calgary Farmyard (Formerly Calgary Corn Maze)

August 2018 On the holiday Monday of August long weekend, in the middle of the busy summer of 2018 (aren’t they all?!), we decided it was the perfect time to head to the Calgary Farmyard (Formerly Calgary Corn Maze and Fun Farm). We’d been planning on checking it out, as we
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YYC Sign Mystery Town Tours (Family Fun Calgary)
Discover an Adventure with Mystery Town Tours

July 2018 Is it a scavenger hunt? Is it an outdoor escape room? Is it a puzzle? Whatever it is, it’s the best way to reignite your interest in being a tourist in your own town! Mystery Town Tours turns an ordinary city into a challenging puzzle you can solve.
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Calgary Airport Marriott In-Terminal Hotel (Family Fun Calgary)
Sophisticated Luxury at the Calgary Airport Marriott In-Terminal Hotel

January 2018 I’ve never been a morning person. When I had kids, well-meaning people told me I’d get used to the interminable sleepless nights. Well-meaning people are right much of the time (the years really do fly by, even while the days drag on), but they were wrong about this.
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Snowshoe on Lake Louise
Snowshoe, Mountaintop Yoga & Spa | Where to Find Bliss in Banff National Park

January 2018 During the holidays my sister-in-law Jen, and I sprawled on the couch and commiserated how baked we felt after the craziness of the season. Always up for an excuse to run away to the spa we conspired to have a girls’ weekend in Banff National Park. No husbands
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B-Line Bike Park (Family Fun Calgary)
Come In, We’re Awesome: B-Line Bike Park Visit

December 2017 “Come in, We’re Awesome,” said the sign on the front door. We hauled the bikes and helmets out of the back of the van and stomped in through the newly-fallen snow. The kids were quiet as they took in their surroundings: ramps, jumps, tracks, and possibilities everywhere. We
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Breathe Parkour Birthday (Family Fun Calgary)
Let Them Actually Climb the Walls With a Breathe Parkour Birthday Party

December 2017 I have a confession to make. I dread birthday parties. The decorating, the food, the happy little faces looking to me to see what amazing activities I have planned . . . I could definitely live without it. But the problem is this: I have 3 kids, and
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Confederation Park Playground (Family Fun Calgary)
Climbing, Sliding & Swinging on Confederation Park’s New Playground

August 2017 Okay, so we promised pictures of the new playground at Confederation Park, and they’re finally here! Confederation Park is one of Calgary’s biggest parks, and it has a new playground, built in honour of Canada’s 150th birthday. Earthscape, the Canadian designer and builder for the Confederation Park playground project, incorporates
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