July 2022

Summer is the time for sand and sun, playing in the water, throwing a ball, and eating popsicles. Even if you still have to work and manage a household in the summer, you can always make time for summer memories at the beach! It’s time to play, and if you have a family of little beach babies, you can easily make it happen at Sikome Lake, without ever leaving Calgary.

Sikome Lake (Family Fun Calgary)

Sikome Lake is a definite must-go family fun destination for the summer. It is a man-made lake located in Fish Creek Provincial Park in the south part of Calgary that is shallow and warm with a sandy bottom and a beach. There are change rooms, playgrounds, and concession stands. Bring your inflatables and enjoy some wading, swimming, and beach play! A family day pass is $10 and you can see any regulations here. (For example, do not bring glass containers or pets into the facility.)

Okay, okay, I know some people like to point out that it’s only a man-made lake and there’s a fee to get in. And I am an ocean-lover, so there’s that. But, sometimes life is made successful by just wanting what you already have, so here are all the reasons it’s easy to love Sikome Lake!

Sikome Lake (Family Fun Calgary)

It’s Convenient

With work, kids, house, and whatever else you have on your plate, sometimes you just need something easy. Head to Sikome for the whole day, or just part of the day, because it’s right in Calgary and easy to get to. (You know, unless there’s an issue on Deerfoot.)

It’s Affordable

Yes, there’s a fee, but it’s only $10 a family, which is one of the cheapest entertainment days out there. Plus, it ensures the area is well-cared for.


Dig a hole, build a sandcastle, or warm yourself in the sun. There’s nothing quite like sand between your toes, the smell of sunscreen, and the sounds of happy kids playing.

Sikome Lake (Family Fun Calgary)

Hard at work playing


Sikome Lake is relatively shallow, making it warm enough for even me to swim in! Plus, there’s a sandy bottom, which is preferable for those finicky kids. The littlest ones love splashing along the edge and the big ones like to swim right across the lake. Don’t forget to bring some inflatables for extra fun! We hear there are a limited number of lifejackets available to borrow, but it’s best to bring your own.

Sikome Lake (Family Fun Calgary)


We go for the beach, but there is a ton of grassy space to play catch, picnic, and enjoy a summer’s day. There’s also a sand volleyball court, for the energetic.


If it’s possible to get bored of playing in the sand and swimming, there’s also a playground structure to climb and play on.

Sikome Lake (Family Fun Calgary)

Change Rooms and Concession Stand

While I tend to pull on a beach coverup at the end of the day and head home sandy (sorry about the van, honey), there are large change rooms and showers, for those who like to get cleaned up after a day in the sunshine. There’s also a concession stand, if it’s not a day out without a treat, plus a small beach shop with a limited selection of beach supplies.

So, grab your happy moments where you can and bring on the beach vibes this summer. If you need us, we’ll be at the lake!

Sikome Lake (Family Fun Calgary)

Making mud puddles and living the life.

Sikome Lake:

When: Open seasonally mid to late June – early September.
Hours: 10 am – 6:30 pm (You have until 7:30 pm to vacate the premises.)
Phone: Parks Information Line 1-866-427-3582
Access: Sikome Aquatic facility is accessed by Bow Bottom Trail S.E. or Sun Valley Boulevard S.E. off Highway 22x.
Website: Alberta Parks