It will soon be time for Easter fun and Easter chocolate is a huge highlight – at least in our house! As things get back to normal, you may or may not be getting together for a community egg hunt or a big family dinner, but you can still splurge on the best chocolate in the country! The Easter Bunny is on his way, thanks to these chocolatiers.

Easter Chocolate (Family Fun Calgary)

Purdy’s Chocolatiers

Purdy’s Chocolatiers: Purdy’s stores are filled with bunnies, eggs, and more, all made with delicious 100% sustainable cocoa.






Easter Chocolate (Family Fun Calgary)

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory: Rocky Mountain stores have the best aroma! You can order online and arrange delivery or head into a store for your pick of Easter chocolate.






Easter Chocolate (Family Fun Calgary)

Lindt Chocolate

Lindt Chocolate Canada: The Calgary Lindt stores are my go-to for the Dark Excellence bars. Catch the popular Lindt Gold Bunny before they’re gone.






Easter Chocolate (Family Fun Calgary)

Master Chocolat


Master Chocolat Bernard Callebaut Chocolatiers: Bernard Callebaut Chocolatiers have an online store and they are open for in-store shopping at the Chocolat Factory Store, the Marda Loop location, and the Calgary Farmers Market.





Easter Chocolate (Family Fun Calgary)

Rogers’ Chocolate

Rogers’ Chocolate: Rogers’ Chocolate, from Victoria, B.C., is another favourite of mine, for theirĀ deliciousĀ creams. Get free delivery when you spend $95 or more in the online shop but give yourself 10 business days to ensure you receive it by Easter. There are also some local retailers that carry Rogers’ Chocolate.





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