May 2011

A good friend once told me that when you have a baby, not only do you give birth to a beautiful baby but you give birth to a lifetime of guilt. Almost every mom I know feels overwhelmed at times, stressed by the choices they have to make in raising their children and then perpetually feeling guilty about the results of those choices.

When picking up my son up from Jr. Kindergarten today I ran into a frazzled mom. Her son was upset because she had mixed up the start day for swimming and brought him to school geared up to go swimming and lessons do not start until tomorrow. Her son was visibly disappointed and the mom felt embarrassed by her mistake. She started to tell me how she feels overwhelmed and started recounting the times she has forgotten something or messed up her son’s social calendar. I just nodded and told her that this only proves she is just like the rest of us moms.

This is why I think the Fabulous Mother of the Year Event is such a FABULOUS event. An Afternoon Tea is being held on May 7th, just in time for Mother’s Day to recognize some amazing moms. Nominations have been submitted over the past few months and they have painfully narrowed the list down to 20 deserving finalists. I was taken aback when I found out I was included in the 20. I have had many days where I feel frazzled and overwhelmed as a mom. I had someone comment once that my daughter looked so hip in her trendy mismatched socks. I chuckled because I was by no means being a fashionista, I just simply was unable to get my laundry sorted properly enough to find a matching pair.

I think every mother has her own incredible journey of struggles and celebrations and the Fabulous Mother of the Year Event is celebrating 20 of those moms.

Be sure to take some time and read the stories of the finalists here. To vote, simply “like” the Fabulous Mother of the Year page on Facebook and then select “Like” on the photo of the nominee you would like to vote for (click on photo albums to see finalists). You can vote for more than one nominee and if you are  a Family Fun Calgary reader, I would love if you could support me! Even better..get your tickets for the Afternoon Tea and let’s celebrate motherhood together!


When: Saturday, May 7th, 2011
Time: 1:30 pm – 4:30 pm
Where: Delta Hotel South, 135 Southland Drive SE, Calgary AB
Tickets: $35.00 (net proceeds go to the Learning Disabilities Association of Calgary. Buy your tickets HERE