This summer, send your kids back in time for a summer camp experience they will never forget. Heritage Park summer camps bring history to life with an educational adventure filled with pioneer play. Your kids will get back to the basics and gain a personal perspective on history. Plus, 127 acres of fresh air fun and space to play is a recipe for happy kids and easy bedtimes!

Heritage Park Historical Village is one of Calgary’s top tourist attractions, showcasing nearly 100 years of history, from the 1860s to the 1950s. Heritage Park’s friendly, costumed interpreters and roving townsfolk bring Western Canada’s distinctive history to life. Your kids can be a part of that!

Heritage Park Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)


Heritage Park summer camps fully immerse kids in old-fashioned fun. With day camps for kids ages 6 – 14 and an overnight camp for kids ages 12 – 15, all Heritage Park summer camps are hands-on and fun-filled. Not only will kids be making friends and staying active, but they’ll also be getting back to the basics and learning crucial leadership and life skills.

Heritage Park has two fantastic day camps and one overnight option, depending on your child’s age. Campers, dressed in period costumes, journey back in time to discover train, horse, and wagon travel, learn their lessons in a one-room schoolhouse and even do a few chores around the ranch. The historically appropriate costumes will be provided and must be worn each day. Day camps run from 9:30 am – 4 pm and you can also register for pre-care starting at 8:30 am and/or after-care until 5 pm.

Heritage Park Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)

Prairie Explorers Day Camp (Ages 6 – 11)

Children will experience life as it was 100 years ago in the Prairie Explorers camp. They’ll find out what games, crafts, and activities were popular and discover what a day on the farm might look like. They’ll attend a one-room schoolhouse, meet the farm animals, and more. Campers will be divided into groups based on age.

Heritage Artists Day Camp (Ages 11 – 14)

Do your kids love to make art? The Heritage Artists camp allows kids to engage in art and nature activities that will help them experience life in the early West. They can sketch wildlife and try needle-felting and dyeing. They’ll learn the art of telegraphy and make their art print on the antique printing press.

Home on the Range Overnight Camp (Ages 12 – 15)

During a Home on the Range overnight camp, young pioneers will be immersed in history from sunrise to sundown for five days (and four nights). It will be an experience they’ll always remember, as they tour Heritage Park after dark, attend a barn dance, feed the animals, and sing along at the campfire. This camp begins Monday morning at 9 am and ends Friday afternoon at 4 pm.

Sign up your young time traveller for a fantastic summer experience at Heritage Park. They will build confidence as they live like a pioneer and travel through 100 years of history. Registration is now open. It’s time for adventure, discovery, and outdoor fun!

Heritage Park Summer Camp:

When: July and August 2024
Time: Day camps: 9:30 am – 4 pm
Where: Heritage Park
Address: 1900 Heritage Drive SW, Calgary, AB
Phone: 403-268-8618