Let’s go! There’s nothing like a hands-on experience to inspire students and enhance their learning. If you’re a teacher who is looking for a memorable field trip, you’ll want to hear what Studio Bell, home of the National Music Centre (NMC), can offer you. NMC’s school programs use music as a lens to view the world, through the story of music in Canada. Plan a day of hands-on, ears-on learning.

National Music Centre’s stunning building is a monument to all things music with five floors of fascinating exhibitions and interactive displays, four Canadian music halls of fame, live performance spaces, and recording studios. It’s the perfect place to instill a love for sound and encourage young music lovers to pick up an instrument, especially when it can also inform other subjects, like science, math, and social studies.

NMC’s school programs are led by experienced musical educators who demonstrate core-curriculum concepts, based on Alberta’s K – 12 curriculum. Your students will learn through their eyes, ears, and fingers as they explore the museum. Interactive stations will increase their musical awareness and instruments will come to life through demonstrations. Plus, field trips have access to items from NMC’s rare and unique collection.

“We get such incredible feedback from the schools that visit us,” said Paige Foley, NMC’s Programs Manager. “This is where kids come to be inspired. Students often leave surprised by all the ways that music relates to subjects like math and science. Making learning fun is our ultimate goal!”

Since the facility opened in 2016, nearly 70, 000 students have spent a school day learning through music. For the 2023-24 school year, you’ll find four new programs of varying lengths and activities. You can come for a whole day or just visit in the afternoon, plus you can add on the Kimball Theatre Organ, which features 25 different instruments, including a marimba, xylophone, tambourine, violin, and flute, all in one!

What will you plan? Schedule your field trip or find out more by emailing education@nmc.ca. Let’s take learning on the road!

National Music Centre Field Trips:

Where: Studio Bell, home of the National Music Centre
Address: 850 4 St SE, Calgary, AB
Email: education@nmc.ca
Website: www.studiobell.ca