Summer is never long enough, but as Calgarians, we know how to make the most of the season! Families in Calgary love to bike, for both transportation and recreation, and many Calgary parents already know all about the benefits of Pedalheads Summer Camps. Pedalheads has helped Calgary kids with everything from getting rid of their training wheels, to learning bike safety, to trail riding. And what an exciting moment it is when your child pedals away without anyone’s help!

This summer, help your kids stay active, have fun outside, and keep busy learning new skills with Pedalheads Bike or Pedalheads Trail camps. Depending on the session you choose and your child’s age, you can choose from half or full-day camps and before and after care is also available. With camps at every level, your child will be able to build confidence and independence and feel great about their achievements. All that fresh air and exercise doesn’t hurt, either!

Pedalheads (Family Fun Calgary)

Pedalheads Bike:

Pedalheads Bike offers exciting summer camps that give your kids an opportunity to build strength, improve their biking skills, and for the younger ones, get off their training wheels or move from a balance bike to a pedal bike! The variety of activities keeps the camps interesting. Skills are broken down into manageable chunks with plenty of opportunities to practice and master them before moving on and building on the earlier skills. Don’t forget to pack extra snacks, as the kids get extra hungry after all that activity!

Kids 4 and up: There are 6 Pedalheads levels for children ages 4 and up, so you can find a level that’s just right for maximum enjoyment and appropriate challenge. (See the requirements for each level on the website.) With small camp sizes and positive reinforcement, kids of every level will see improvement in their biking skills. Besides improving their biking proficiency, children will learn important biking safety and age-appropriate maintenance skills. You can register for full-day or half-day camps.

Kids under 4: If you have children under 4, there are also some classes just for them! The Riding Rookies Camp gives tots who are 2 a chance to practice their skills with a parent in attendance. Kids ages 3 and 4 can check out the Trikes ‘N’ Trainers or Balance Bikers Camps.

Pedalheads (Family Fun Calgary)

Pedalheads Trail:

The Pedalheads Trail Camps are for anyone who wants to develop trail riding skills and who loves adventuring! Kids ages 4 and up will get to explore the local area along the bike trails and continue to develop skills such as riding on various surfaces and riding up and down hills, and the older kids will advance to tackle tough trails. They will also learn related bike safety and maintenance skills.

There are three levels for Pedalheads Trail, in half-day camps:

1. Intro to Trail (ages 4 to 6)
2. Bike Control (ages 7 to 10)
3. Obstacles (ages 7 to 10)

These camps give kids an adventure in the great outdoors with the opportunity to discover how strong and accomplished they can be!

Pedalheads (Family Fun Calgary)

Safety First

Pedalheads takes kids’ safety very seriously, and not just on the road. Through the hard work and diligence of their staff and the cooperation of all of the campers and parents, the camp safety precautions have resulted in safe and successful summer camps, even during the pandemic. You can get all your COVID-related questions answered here.

Pedalheads (Family Fun Calgary)

Registration Is Now Open!

Registration for Pedalheads summer camps is now open and can be accessed through the Pedalheads website or by calling 1-888-886-6464. Visit the website for site-specific information, locations, and maps. Keep up with Pedalheads’ news through their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram feeds. Register early for the best selection; these camps are very popular!

Pedalheads (Family Fun Calgary)

Pedalheads® Summer Camps:

When: Monday – Friday (late June to August); Spring classes also available
Where: Locations in and around Calgary
Ages: 3 years and up (2 years and up with a parent)