Here is a true saying: If you choose not to find joy in the snow, you will have less joy in your life, but still the same amount of snow. With unpredictable Calgary weather, this feels very applicable, but thankfully, we have WinSport Canada Olympic Park in the city! WinSport offers a convenient, accessible place to play, learn, and stay active all year long. We’re in the middle of winter’s grip, so let WinSport help you find joy for your family! Take a look at the Ski and Snowboard Lessons offered at WinSport this year; the whole family will benefit from being outside and learning or refining their skills.

WinSport believes in building the skills to enjoy sport, from picking yourself up after you fall to gaining mastery in whatever you choose to pursue. Sport can help kids (and adults!) build confidence, learn perseverance, and develop amazing friendships with like-minded people. All this is still true, even as the WinSport Snow School has been tweaked a little to accommodate for COVID-19.

WinSport Ski Snowboard Lessons (Family Fun Calgary)

Private and Customizable Small Group Lessons

This last year has been a bit of a trial, but WinSport is meeting the occasion with some wonderful new options. Although lessons can be tricky during a pandemic, don’t let the ski and snowboard season end without booking your own private and customizable lessons!

This winter you have the opportunity to build and customize a private or family ski or snowboard lesson. All ages are welcome and it’s a unique opportunity to take lessons with your kids! It’s the perfect season to get the whole family involved for an active, engaging family fun day and learn something new or polish existing skills. Private lessons also allow a child to have a special focus and one-on-one instruction. These lessons are for 1 to 6 people and there are 1-hour options for younger kids who can’t stay out as long or 2-hour options for families who really want to get going. All you have to do is choose your day and time, with flexible choices like evenings or weekends, and what you’re hoping to learn. You can book multiple lessons and skills will develop faster with private or small group lessons, but be sure to get some lessons on your calendar soon, before the season ends! Whether you’re hoping for private ski lessons or snowboard lessons, you won’t be disappointed!

As WinSport is unable to offer group preschool lessons at this time, there is also an option to book private lessons for ages 3 – 5 years (ski) or ages 4 – 6 years (snowboard). A parent or guardian with the appropriate equipment and an intermediate level of proficiency must attend. There is no charge for the parent and one parent is needed for every 2 children, with 4 children being the largest group size.

WinSport Ski Snowboard Lessons (Family Fun Calgary)

Youth Lessons

WinSport is also running some traditional ski and snowboard lessons. Kids ages 6 – 13 years (ski) and 7 – 13 years (snowboard) can join youth lessons to help them gain confidence and improve their technique. These lessons help kids develop their skills in a fun and relaxed way, with skiing and snowboarding games and tactics. Group sizes are small this year, with a 1:6 ratio for kids.

We can’t stop the snow from coming, but we sure can enjoy it this winter! Team up with WinSport Canada Olympic Park to discover the benefits of being fun and active outside. It’s the perfect year for families to play together and find their joy. Registration is now open, but spots are limited and the winter is quickly slipping by, so don’t delay.

WinSport Ski and Snowboard Lessons:

When: Winter 2020-21
Registration: Register online
Where: WinSport Canada Olympic Park
Address: 88 Olympic Rd SW, Calgary, AB