How do you manage the ups and downs of family life? What about adding some fun and challenge to your next season?! Life is busy — work, school, kids, errands, chores — and now winter is coming. Make this the year to get moving and find joy on the hill! We know that staying active, learning new skills, and doing things with the people we love can bring us sunshine. WinSport’s Canada Olympic Park is here with ski and snowboard lessons to add some fun to your everyday!

Located within the city, WinSport offers a convenient, accessible place to play, learn, and stay active all year long. Winter is simply an asset when WinSport makes it so easy to have fun! Take a look at the Ski and Snowboard Lessons offered at WinSport this year; it’s easy to fit around your schedule and the whole family will benefit from being outside and learning or refining their skills. Sports can help kids (and adults!) build confidence, learn perseverance, and develop amazing friendships with like-minded people.

WinSport Ski and Snowboard Lessons (Family Fun Calgary)

Preschool Lessons

If you have little ones you’d like to get on the hill, WinSport has some options to help you. Group lessons are an easy option and they start for children as young as 3 years for skiing, and as young as 4 years for snowboarding. There are also Parent and Tot Ski Lessons for children 3 – 6 years and private lessons start at age 3.

Youth Lessons

For older kids, WinSport is running traditional ski and snowboard lessons. Kids ages 6 – 12 years (ski) and 7 – 12 years (snowboard) can join youth lessons to help them gain confidence and improve their technique. These lessons help kids develop their skills in a fun and relaxed way, with skiing and snowboarding games and tactics. Group sizes are kept small, for a maximum emphasis on each child. The lessons are suitable for any skill level and available in 2, 3, or 4-day lessons.

Even if your child is just beginning and hesitant, they can get going on the hill and they can take each session as often as they need to feel confident. There are also girls-only lessons if that suits your young skier or snowboarder.

Teen Lessons

Do you have a teen who wants to learn how to ski? WinSport has 2 or 4-day lessons in skiing and snowboarding for teens ages 13 – 18 years so they can have fun hanging out with their friends. It doesn’t matter if they are complete beginners or if they want to improve their skills. There are also girls-only sessions available.

WinSport Ski and Snowboard Lessons (Family Fun Calgary)

Private Lessons

This winter you also have the opportunity to build and customize a private or group ski or snowboard lesson. These lessons are for 1 to 6 people. There are 1-hour options for younger kids who can’t stay out as long or 2-hour options for families who really want to get going.

All ages from 3 and up are welcome and it’s a unique opportunity to take lessons with your kids! Get the whole family involved for an active, engaging family day, whether you’re learning something new or polishing existing skills. Private lessons also allow a child to have a special focus and one-on-one instruction.  All you have to do is choose your day and time, with flexible choices like evenings or weekends, and what you’re hoping to learn. You can book multiple lessons, and your skills will develop faster with private or small group lessons. But be sure to get some lessons on your calendar soon, before it fills up!

We can’t stop winter from coming, but we sure can enjoy it! Team up with WinSport’s Canada Olympic Park to discover the benefits of having fun and being active outside. It’s the perfect year for families to play together and find their joy. Registration is now open, but spots are limited, so don’t delay.

WinSport Ski and Snowboard Lessons:

When: Winter 2023/24
Where: WinSport Canada Olympic Park
Address: 88 Olympic Rd SW, Calgary, AB