If you’re planning a day or night out without your kids, but have no idea what to do, we’ve got a list for Date Day and Night Ideas in Saskatoon! Whether you’re looking for romance, nature, adventure or something else, we’ve got some suggestions. There may not be as much to do as we are used to, but you can still find safe activities to do. Check out our handy dandy list of…

Date Night (or Date Day) Ideas in Saskatoon

1/ Go for a meal and walk at the Berry Barn

2/ Try Axe Throwing at Timber Jaxe

3/ Take a Day Trip to Manitou Springs

4/ Try an Escape Room

5/ Check out the amazing restaurants downtown!

6/ Visit the Remai Modern

7/ Enjoy some of the most beautiful places in Saskatoon with a walk on the Meewasin Trail.

8/ Try something new and get some YXE Smash Therapy Inc.

9/ Explore the city by kick-sled (rent-able from Escape Sports)

10/ Explore a bookstore

11/ Eat a fancy breakfast at the Hometown Diner

12/ Order takeout and have a game night – Either include the little ones or send them to Grandma’s for the night.

13/ Take a trip to Temple Gardens Spa in Moose Jaw

14/ Book a romantic night’s stay at Elkridge Resort

15/ Cozy up with a cheesy Netflix movie

16/ Catch up over a cup of coffee at the Two Twenty

17/ Try a new restaurant

18/ Take the whole day and visit a lake near Saskatoon

19/ Try a Paint Nite

20/ Visit the Library

21/ Visit Broadway Avenue and visit the Candy Boutique

22/ Since you are in the area, grab some ice cream from Homestead Ice Cream on Victoria Avenue

23/ Enjoy nachos and drinks at your favourite pub

24/ Book yourself a Pedal Pub and do something completely different

25/ Indulge in some luxury chocolate at Bernard Callebaut or Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

26/ Try your luck at Dakota Dune Casino

27/ Visit the Western Development Museum

28/ What’s a date night without Bowling?

29/ Go to a drive-in movie!

30/ Play some Mini Golf at Market Mall

31/ Go on a day trip to Champetre County

32/ Try Geocaching

33/ Book a couples massage

34/ If you want a morning or afternoon date on the weekend, make sure to check out Saskatoon Farmers’ Market

35/ Take a walk around the zoo

36/ Invite your dog along and visit a Dog Park in Saskatoon

37/ Check out some of Saskatoon’s Greenhouses

38/ Have a Picnic in the Prairies made by Events by Kass

39/ Visit the racetrack at Wilson’s Lifestyle Centre

40/ Join the sky-high club at Clip ‘n’ Climb

No matter what you do, make sure to have fun!