It’s that time of year again! Time for a Holiday Hoopla with Singing with Sylvia! I think we can all agree that these past few years have not always had enough fun. Through it all, Singing with Sylvia has been bringing fun to our children’s lives. She reminds us to enjoy the moment. Be it dancing or singing or storytime, she’s a constant source of happiness. If you’ve not heard of Singing With Sylvia, you will not be disappointed. She’s basically a rock star for the kids and sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face.

Sylvia is continuing to spread joy over the holidays. She can’t do it in person but we can join Sylvia Chave in the jolliest (and silliest) show of the season from our living rooms! She’s been wowing families all over Saskatchewan with original music and interactive performances for nearly over 30 years! She has continued to bring dance parties to our homes these last few years as we watch her live concerts online. Grab the Christmas cookies, some party hats, and your dancing feet!

Reindeers, Cookies, Santa, Oh My! Sylvia is ready to create some magical, musical memories for you and your littles right in your home! Gather the whole crowd around, add some snacks and perhaps an ugly sweater or two and deck the halls with joy. It is a great addition to everyone’s holiday celebrations. It would also make a wonderful gift that won’t break the bank but will fill the hearts of all the kidlets in your life. Bring a dance party to your little one’s school or daycare!

Tickets can be purchased online and you will receive the link in an email shortly after your purchase. If you are buying for a gift, use the email of the person you are giving it to in the ticket form and it will go straight to them. You will get an unlimited link from December 15-28th!

Give yourself time to enjoy the season with your kids and Singing with Sylvia. The Christmas planning can wait. This will bring squeals of joy and laughter from your family.

Singing with Sylvia Holiday Hoopla Online

Date: Dec 15-28, 2021
Time: You can plan the time!
Price: Family $10/ 5-10 kids ~ $15/ 11~20 kids ~ $30/ 20+ kids ~ $45
Location: The comfort of your own home (but leave room to dance!)

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