We made sure this year to have some summer fun in the city! We didn’t get to cross everything off our Summer Fun Bucket List, but we spent a lot of time trying new places and events. Here are some of my favourites:

Backyard Camping

We did some city camping. The day after school ended, my son announced we were tenting. We ended up camping out for a week before we decided to put away the tent and save the grass. My son slept through thunderstorms, fireworks, his mom’s snoring and birds. It was actually quite fun and conveniently located next to washrooms and a kitchen.

Beaver Creek Visit

My in-laws came to visit so my son and I made sure to show his Grandma all the best places. We took a day to visit Crossmount Cidery and have a quick hike at Beaver Creek. We couldn’t feed the chickadees but it was still a wonderful walk.

summer fun in the city

The Berry Barn

We spent a lot of time at Saskatoon Greenhouses. We started in May and our last visit was in July to the Berry Barn.

Bike Rides

We rode bikes as much as we could. My son learned to ride his bike this year and he was a big fan of bike rides. It’s a great way to get out and enjoy the day!

Berry Picking

We make sure to go berry picking every year. It’s a great activity for families!

Camp Life

My son had his very first camp experience for a week in July. He loved camp at Wildernook so much that we did an extra week in August.

Taste of Saskatchewan

We ate some delightful food at Taste of Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan Spray Pads

We went to as many spray pads as we could. The goal was to get to all of them but we will have to make that our goal for next year.


Prairie Art Road Trip

We took part in an amazing Prairie Art Road Trip around Biggar and area. We stopped at all the different road trip parts and enjoyed looking at all the art and scenery.

Art in the Park – July

We went to Art in the Park. We wanted to make it to all of them but the timing didn’t work out. It was such a fun way to spend an afternoon.

1000 Hours Outside

We completed our 1000 hours outside. Summer gained us a lot more hours and we were really glad we did it. It took us more than a year because of the cold winter months but this summer gave us a lot of fun time doing crafts outside, visiting festivals, riding bikes and more.

The Purrfect Cup Cat Cafe

We visited Saskatoon’s first Cat Cafe. I made sure to wear my cat shirt. My son was extremely happy with all the cats around to love.

Black Fox Farm and Distillery

Every year, we make sure to pick flowers somewhere in Saskatchewan. We chose Black Fox Distillery this time and had a blast picking our favourite flowers.

Cirque du Soleil Ovo

We went to our first Cirque! And we LOVED every minute of it. OVO was an absolutely amazing experience. This was one of our summer favourites for sure.

Clip n Climb

We tried out Clip N Climb for the first time. We don’t do indoor play places often in summer and this was our first time climbing. It was a great time for both of us. We will definitely be back in the winter.

Kayaking on Thompson Lake

We spent part of a week at a cabin with my family at Thompson Lake. We saw the sunset every night. We swam in the pool. We spent time at the beach. We went kayaking. We had a wonderful and relaxing week.

Catching Dragonflies

We joined Young Naturalists and learned how to safely catch and release dragonflies and butterflies. We went twice – once with the group and once on our own and had a lot of fun both times. This will be a yearly activity.

Saskatoon Ex

My son had his VERY first experience at the Saskatoon Ex. He had so much fun. I won’t be able to keep him away next year. Hopefully, by then he’ll be tall enough for more rides. We saw Paw Patrol, Superdogs, ate food and went on the rides.

Circus Funtastic

We went on a road trip to Biggar to see Circus Funtastic. They had a circus in a few different small towns and we had a lot of fun watching them perform.

Folkfest 2022

We had a great time exploring the world when Folkfest was on. This was another first festival for my son and he loved trying new things and seeing all the different cultures.

Kinsmen Park

It’s not summer in Saskatoon if we don’t get to Nutrien Playland at Kinsmen park. We were able to go on the fun rides and we also did the Storywalk that the Saskatoon Library put up.

Butterfly House

Our very last day of summer holidays before school started back we made sure to do something amazing! The Saskatoon Zoo opened up their Butterfly House and we went to meet some butterflies. We were both in love with this new section of the zoo and can’t wait for another visit. It was such an amazing last day of summer holidays.

We also crafted, visited the library, worked in the garden and on our flowers, hung out by the river and just hung out in the backyard. In June, we went on the brand new Punch Buggy Express in Downtown Saskatoon and we hope for one more ride in September. We also went to the Bluegrass at the Barn in June and enjoyed a music festival. For some reason, it never feels like you do enough in the summer and we didn’t do as many events as we wanted but after working on this list, I see that our Summer Vacation was pretty amazing.