It’s got to be the most famous playground out there! If you haven’t experienced it yourself, you must have at least seen pictures of it on Facebook. Queenston Park’s Playground in Coquitlam has got to be the coolest playground ever. Habitat Systems Inc is the mastermind of that ingenious playground. Seriously, a playground built onto the side of a hill? That should be a must in every community.

We realize that not everyone in Metro Vancouver has the means or interest in trekking out to Coquitlam to play at Queenston Park (though your kids will seriously thank you for driving them there), so we’ve partnered with Habitat Systems Inc to give you a look-see at the other playgrounds they have constructed around Metro Vancouver. You might as well start packing picnic lunches now because you are about to spend the summer months checking out all sorts of new play facilities!

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High Street Mall - Habitat Systems Inc Playgrounds

Where: Highstreet Shopping Centre
Address: 3122 Mount Lehman Road, Abbotsford
WOW Factor: Exercise breaks during a shopping trip. LOVE that the kids can get some good playtime in while caregivers get their errands completed.


Lougheed Town Centre - Habitat Systems Inc Playgrounds

Where: Lougheed Town Centre
Address: 106 9855 Austin Avenue, Burnaby
WOW Factor: This playground is never getting wet. On those rainy days, head to the mall & get the kids exercised.

Habitat Systems Inc Playground - Burnaby Suncrest Elementary

Where: Suncrest Elementary School
Address: 3883 Rumble Street, Burnaby
WOW Factor: Kids love the twisty climbing ladder, climbing wall & slides


Habitat Systems Inc - Chilliwack Strathcona Elementary

Where: Strathcona Elementary School
Address: 46375 Strathcona Road, Chilliwack
WOW Factor: Kids can’t get enough of all the hanging and swinging options

Tzeachten Sports Field - Habitat Systems Inc

Where: Tzeachten Sports Field
Address: 46670 Bailey Road, Chilliwack
WOW Factor: Climbing options galore. It may not be a huge playground but it’s loads of fun.


Habitat Systems Inc - Alouette Park

Where: Alouette Park
Address: 485 Alouette Drive, Coquitlam
WOW Factor: Kids love to climb and while this playground is small there are a number of climbing options

Como Lake Park - Habitat Systems Inc Playgrounds

WhereComo Lake Park
Address: 700 Gatensbury Street, Coquitlam
WOW Factor: This is the playground for imaginative play! A boat, fish, and turtles make up one section of the playground. There is also a music station. Kids will also love the swings & climbing structures. Parents will love the fact there is a fence around the playground to keep the kids safe from the busy road and nearby lake.

Habitat Systems Inc - Queenston Park Playground

WhereQueenston Park
Address: 3415 Queenston Avenue, Coquitlam
WOW Factor: The entire playground has WOW factor. Though it is a community playground (no washrooms or drinking fountains), Queenston Park’s Playground is a must visit. After climbing up the steep hill countless times, your little ones will come home tuckered.


Habitat Systems Inc - Cougar Canyon Elementary

Where: Cougar Canyon Elementary School
Address: 11664 Lyon Road, Delta
WOW Factor: There is something for everyone: different slide options, swinging & hanging components, and lots of climbing fun!


Lions Park at Centennial Beach - Habitat Systems Inc PlaygroundsWhere: Lions Park at Centennial Beach
Address: 541 Centennial Pkwy, Delta
WOW Factor: This playground is massive! Not only is it an accessible playground, it is also on the beach & full of climbing, swinging fun.


Hunter Park Playground - Habitat Systems Inc

Where: Hunter Park Playground
Address: 200 Street at 48A Avenue, Langley
WOW Factor: Scramble over hills, fly down a slide, and climb ladders & steps.

Maple Ridge:

Golden Ears Elementary - Habitat Systems Inc

Where: Golden Ears Elementary
Address: 23124 – 118th Avenue, Maple Ridge
WOW Factor: A wide variety of climbing webs, a disc swing plus swinging structures.

New Westminster:

Herbert Spencer Elementary - Habitat Systems Inc

Where: Herbert Spencer Elementary
Address: 605 Second Street, New Westminster
WOW Factor: Twisty slide, swinging and climbing structures.

North Vancouver:

Habitat Systems Inc - Ron Andrews Recreation Centre

Where: Ron Andrews Recreation Centre
Address: 931 Lytton Street, North Vancouver
WOW Factor: Any adults brave enough to climb the curvy red thing in the middle of the playground? Don’t worry your kids will show you how!


Habitat Systems Inc - Garden City Park

Where: Garden City Park
Address: 6620 Garden City Road, Richmond
WOW Factor: The picture says it all! The playground is fun to both climb up & slide down.

Habitat Systems Inc - McCallan Park

Where: McCallan Park
Address: 6360 Coltsfoot Drive, Richmond
WOW Factor: This playground is for little kids. Many playgrounds attract kids of all ages and that can be overwhelming for the littlest players.

Southarm Park playground - Habitat Systems Inc

Where: Southarm Park
Address: 8680 Williams Road, Richmond
WOW Factor: Accessible features, as well as slides and climbing structures.

Woodward Elementary Playground - Habitat Systems Inc

Where: Woodward Elementary
Address: 10300 Seacote Road, Richmond
WOW Factor: A very large elementary school playground. Features include slides, a zipline, and climbing structures.


West Newton Park - Habitat Systems Inc

Where: West Newton Park
Address: 13019 Highway 10, Surrey
WOW Factor: A space-themed playground, traditional swings, climbing webs, and a smaller playground for the littler kids.


Habitat Systems Inc - Emery Barnes Park

Where: Emery Barnes Park
Address: 1170 Richards Street, Vancouver
WOW Factor: Climb, reach, and be physically creative! This playground encourages kids to move their bodies in unconventional ways.

Lord Selkirk Elementary playground - Habitat Systems Inc

Where: Lord Selkirk Elementary
Address: 1750 22nd Avenue E, Vancouver
WOW Factor: Bridges, ziplines, slides and climbing structures make up this massive elementary school playground.Nanaimo Park playground - Habitat Systems Inc

Where: Nanaimo Park
Address: 2390 E 46th Avenue, Vancouver
WOW Factor: Funky teeter-totters, climbing web, and slides.

Habitat Systems Inc - Trillum Park

Where: Trillium Park
Address: 580 Malkin Avenue, Vancouver
WOW Factor: If your kid likes to climb, this playground will not disappoint. Just imagine all the creative ways kids will devise to get to the top of that main climbing structure. Mental & physical exercise!

Habitat Systems Inc - Sir Wilfred Laurier Elementary

Where: Sir Wilfred Laurier Elementary School
Address: 7350 Laurel Street, Vancouver
WOW Factor: Swing, slides, climbing components…this playground has something for everyone!

West Vancouver:

John Lawson playground - Habitat Systems Inc

Where: John Lawson Park
Address: 1720 Argyle Avenue, West Vancouver
WOW Factor: A pirate ship, a water park and a large playground.