Family game night is a classic way to spend a cold winter’s evening or a rainy summer’s afternoon. Over the last few years, board game cafes have become an interesting alternative to playing the same tired games around your kitchen table. Board game cafes offer drinks and snacks to purchase and often charge a small fee per hour, but they have shelves full of games to play, from cards to complicated games of strategy. It’s a great way to try something new, get out of the house with your kids, and upgrade a good, old-fashioned game night!

Of course, that might also mean you’re showcasing your game night arguments – er, discussions – for others to hear, along with the incessant humming, whistling, and singing, plus a hefty dose of sibling rivalry as everyone gets louder and more passionate.

But maybe that’s just us.

Hexagon Board Game Cafe (Family Fun Calgary)

The cool, calculation of the competitive kid. Photo Credit: Charity Quick

D6 Tabletop Cafe

Enjoy the classics or discover a new favourite at D6 Tabletop Cafe. Play all day for one price and enjoy a fresh cup of coffee or a bite to eat. Staff can help you pick out a new favourite game.

Address: 2323 32 Ave NE #112, Calgary, AB
Phone: 587-436-5929

Hexagon Board Game Cafe

With over 1000 games on their shelves, head to Hexagon Board Game Cafe for coffee, games, and community. There is a small fee per hour and a drink purchase is required, so you can stop by for a quick game and a coffee or cozy up for the afternoon. You can read about our experience visiting a few years ago.

Address: #200 1140 Kensington Rd NW, Calgary, AB
Phone: 403-209-2881

Metal Galaxy Social Games

Metal Galaxy Social Games has a play-all-day rate and offers drinks and snacks for purchase. Reservations must be made online to ensure a casual and relaxed environment and staff can help you find a family-friendly game.

Address: 4624 MacLeod Trail SW Calgary, AB
Phone: 403-253-1414

Shoe Box Games and Cafe

Head to Shoe Box Games and Cafe for board games, card games, and good times. They have a small person-per-table fee to access their board game collection and a variety of special events.

Address: 509 McKnight Blvd NE, Calgary, AB
Phone: 403-475-7217

Whether your family wants to take over the table (and the whole day) with classics like Monopoly or Risk, you want to enjoy a different version of a game you already love, or you want to try something completely new, board game cafes add a fun twist to a timeless tradition.

Get ready to play — at least keep those competitive family arguments interesting!

Board Game Cafe (Family Fun Calgary)