What are your most important considerations when you’re planning a birthday party for your kids? I’m sure we all consider the budget, the most convenient time for the party, and even (sometimes especially?!) the social dynamics. But like many parents, two of my most basic considerations are whether my child will feel celebrated and how effortless the party will be for me, the reluctant party planner!

My daughter recently turned 14 and loves crafting more than anything else in the world. She certainly didn’t get that interest from me, and while some mothers could easily throw a crafting-themed birthday party, I’d rather sneak out the back door and go to work. Thankfully, Calgary is filled with options and only a couple of years ago the Pinnovate DIY Studio opened. This craft studio in southeast Calgary is designed for creative minds of all ages. They have workshops, but you can come anytime to craft without booking a workshop and they have all the materials prepared (in a comfortable workspace with plenty of instruction) to ensure your project doesn’t fall into the “Pinterest fail” category. Most importantly for me, they have birthday parties and all the projects that young teens love!

Pinnovate Birthday Party (Family Fun Calgary)

Some ideas to get you going.

So, we planned a 14-year-old’s birthday party at Pinnovate. The hardest part was for my daughter to decide between her top three: string art, a DIY vision board, or a pour painting party. Once we had a guest list and a decision (string art won the day), a quick communication confirmed the party. As our party would be over the dinner hour, we planned on pizza and cupcakes, both of which are available through Pinnovate or their partners. So far, so good!

When the day of the party arrived, I felt busy and frazzled, which happens every time and should never surprise me, but always does. I headed off to the Pinnovate DIY Studio, girls in tow, feeling wholly unprepared and hoping that the Pinnovate crew was ready to take over.

Pinnovate Birthday Party (Family Fun Calgary)

The birthday girl found her happy place.

Thankfully, my confidence was well-placed, for we walked in the door and my part was over! The friendly staff introduced themselves to the girls, handed out aprons, and even turned on some Disney music the girls requested. Jody introduced the string art project and helped the kids decide what their own personal project would be. She provided a variety of stencils to start with (generally, parties choose from one of these stencils), but 14-year-olds are ambitious and have their own ideas, so she helped each girl develop a project with their personal interests in mind. Before long, each girl was prepping her board and the hammering had begun. All of this with no input from me – lovely!

Pinnovate Birthday Party (Family Fun Calgary)

Nailing and stringing

The time passed swiftly and Jody was soon bringing out the juice and pizza. I hadn’t even remembered to bring a candle to blow out, but when it was time for cupcakes, a candle was already flickering. When it was time to leave, we’d accomplished a memorable birthday party with a great project, delicious food, and happy teenagers! By “we,” I mostly mean Pinnovate, and that’s 100% fabulous in my books.

Pinnovate Birthday Party (Family Fun Calgary)

It took a little work, but here is the birthday girl’s finished product!

You can book a birthday party anytime at Pinnovate and mould it to fit your own desires and guests, but there may be other Pinnovate guests dropping by. On Sundays, however, Pinnovate offers birthday packages with the whole venue for your birthday party and a wide array of projects from which to choose. Having all the materials handy and someone to guide the children through the party is amazing! Pinnovate DIY Studio offers far more than just birthdays, too. Plan a girls’ night out, date night, or just drop in and complete one of their many projects. With local food items like coffee, wine, and pizza all available, getting crafty has never been easier or more fun.

Pinnovate Birthday Party (Family Fun Calgary)

You’re only limited by your imagination! (And really, not even that, because the Pinnovate staff are there to help you!)

Pinnovate DIY Studio:

Address: 137 Mahogany Plaza SE, Calgary, AB
Phone: 403-278-9065
Email: info@pinnovate.ca
Website: www.pinnovate.ca

Thank you to Pinnovate DIY Studios for hosting our party; all opinions expressed here are my own. CQ