Southcentre Mall Mother's Day (Family Fun Calgary)
Mother’s Day With Southcentre Mall and Collab YYC: Find the Perfect Local or Handcrafted Gift!

What do you normally do for Mother’s Day? Breakfast in bed or brunch out? Do you buy something or maybe take Mom shopping or out to an event? Well, Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and Southcentre Mall wants to help you find the perfect expression of your appreciation
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Wymbin Yoga Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)
Wymbin Yoga Summer Camps: Adventure, Activity, and Fun in the Sun!

Are your kids looking for a little adventure, activity, and fun in the summer sun? They’ll find this and a whole lot more at Wymbin this summer, where good things are growing in the heart of Inglewood! Through yoga, mindfulness, and engaging in nature, kids will learn about community and
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Simply Elegant Mother's Day Takeout Dinner (Family Fun Calgary)
Make Mom’s Day With a Mother’s Day Takeout Dinner From Simply Elegant

What does Mom really want for Mother’s Day? While maybe you can’t solve all the world’s problems or promise perfect peace from sibling rivalry, you can give Mom a beautiful, delicious takeout dinner from Simply Elegant. Simply Elegant started as a catering company and has become an accomplished hospitality firm,
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Calgary French and International School (Family Fun Calgary)
Preparing for Preschool with Calgary French & International School

New schedules, new experiences, new friends — changes in our children’s lives can be challenging, no matter what their age. And getting your little one ready for their first days in school can be quite the task for both parent and child. But, with these tips, you’ll be able to
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Glenmore Gymnastics Club Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)
Tumble Into Fun This Summer With the Glenmore Gymnastics Club Summer Camps!

How do you keep your kids busy in the summer? How about with some energetic jumping, a little swinging, and a chance to hang upside down! Add a whole lot of fun to this and your kids will be getting active and burning energy at the Glenmore Gymnastics Club summer
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Quickdraw Animation Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)
This Summer Kids & Teens Can Make Their Own Cartoons at Quickdraw Animation Summer Camps!

Do your kids like to doodle, tell stories, or explore animation? It’s time to bring their stories to life! This summer, your kids can skip watching cartoons all day and make their own instead! Quickdraw Animation summer camps are week-long adventures in storytelling and animated movement. Check out a QuickKids summer
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Nini's Cooking Class Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)
Nini’s Cooking Class Summer Camps: Practical Skills and a Fun Summer!

Kids (of all ages!) learn through play and as a parent, it’s so satisfying to watch your child learn important, practical life skills while they are having a great time! This summer, your kids can learn cooking skills and delicious recipes as they have a blast in the kitchen. Nini’s Cooking
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YouthWrite Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)
Play With Words and Find Your Voice at YouthWrite Summer Camps

Words, stories, and books. Of course, these are valuable assets for everyone. But there are some people who cherish books and stories and treasure the power of words like it’s the air they breathe. If you have a young writer in your household, you know what I’m talking about and you
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Butterfield Acres' Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)
Animal Lovers Birthdays! Butterfield Acres Farm Birthday Parties Are Fun and Easy!

Have a little animal-lover in your life? A birthday is a perfect time to make them say, “AWWW!” Butterfield Acres Farm offers birthday parties at the farm . . . OR you can stay home, relax, and have the farm come to you! What’s even more fun than seeing your
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Vecova Summer Day Camps (Family Fun Calgary)
Ignite Your Imagination with Vecova’s Summer Day Camps

It’s a safe, inclusive environment for your children and it will fill their summer with friendship and fun! Vecova’s Summer Day Camps offer your kids a differently-themed day camp each week, discovering science, adventure, sports, or terrific talents, depending on which week they choose. Make your summer one filled with
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