McKenzie Towne Council Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)
McKenzie Towne Council Summer Camps: Everyone is Invited to Play, Laugh, and Stay Active!

What do we love about summer? Free from the school desk, kids have more time to play outside, hang out with friends, and discover new passions! Ok, it’s true, sometimes kids might get a little bored during the summer, but some well-chosen summer camps will add excitement to an already
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Youth Singers of Calgary Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)
It’s Time to Shine! Youth Singers of Calgary Summer Camps

It’s time to sing, it’s time to dance, it’s time to shine! Your kids can find their place on stage with SHOWBIZ Kids and Youth Singers of Calgary summer camps. Put away those screens and banish summer boredom with amazing summer camps to get kids singing, dancing, and laying it
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Ten Peaks Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)
Ten Peaks Summer Camps: See What Your Kids Can Accomplish!

It can be exciting (and unsettling!) watching our children grow up and start exploring their world, forming their own opinions along the way. But our kids and teens are capable of so much more than we give them credit! They are bursting with ideas, passion, and creativity and it’s a
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Decidedly Jazz Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)
Decidedly Jazz Danceworks Summer Camps: Get Grooving and Moving!

Dance is a celebration, an expression of joy that develops creativity, relieves stress, and adds a bit of fun to life! And you know some kids just need to get grooving and moving. Embrace that energy in your kids and let them dance with summer camps at Decidedly Jazz Danceworks
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Mobile Escape Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)
Calling All Makers and Solvers! Mobile Escape Summer Camps

Forget the same, old summer camp themes! This summer, Mobile Escape is calling all makers and solvers into an immersive, imaginative journey of your child’s creation. Kids will become the masterminds behind their adventure, as they design challenges and solve mysteries with Mobile Escape summer camps. Mobile Escape runs a
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Calgary Track and Field Club Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)
Kids Can Channel Their Inner Olympian With Calgary Track and Field Club Summer Camps

Track and field is a classic summer Olympic Discipline, but to a kid, it’s just plain fun! There is something thrilling about multiple events taking place at the same time, cheering at the races, and challenging yourself at your favourite event. Calgary Track and Field Club (CALTAF) is hosting summer
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The Beach YYC Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)
The Beach YYC Summer Camps: Get Set to Get Sandy This Summer!

What’s better than a day at the beach? Well, as we don’t have many beach options here in Calgary, how about a week of summer camps at The Beach YYC?! Sometimes you just need to feel the sand under your feet. It’s a long drive to the ocean, but The
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YouthWrite Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)
Play With Words and Find Your Voice at YouthWrite Summer Camps

Do you have a young person who treasures the power of words like the air they breathe? Or does your teen cherish books, revere stories, and craft fascinating worlds of their own? If you have a young writer in your household, you know what I’m talking about and you need
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Butterfield Acres Birthday Parties (Family Fun Calgary)
The Sweetest Birthday Parties Are at Butterfield Acres!

It’s amazing how much value animals can add to our lives, as they teach us about the world. That’s what makes Butterfield Acres such a huge hit with the little animal lovers in your household!¬† There’s so much to do at this farm on the city’s edge, from visiting the
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Arts Commons Dinosaur Live (Family Fun Calgary)
Arts Commons Presents — Dinosaur World Live Takes You Back to a Prehistoric Earth!

What if you could travel back to a prehistoric earth this spring? Your little dinosaur lovers will be amazed when Dinosaur World Live comes to Arts Commons Presents and your whole family is transported to a time when dinosaurs ruled the earth! This interactive show will bring enormous, life-like puppets stomping
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