May 2011

Today’s gray, cloud covered sky would normally make me feel a little depressed but I checked the weather forecast for the weekend and it looks like we will have a sunny weekend. Many of us were bracing for a rain-filled weekend after a gorgeous week but it looks like it’s shaping up to be a lovely weekend.

For those of you heading out camping, you don’t want to miss Voula’s handy camping with kids tips. She is an enthusiastic camper and will be heading out for some “relaxation” time with her family. I, however, do not consider myself a camper. It is one of those necessary evils I have to endure to create happy childhood memories for my kids who happen to adore it. I successfully convinced my husband to enjoy a “staycation” in Calgary. There are some great things happening around Calgary this weekend. If you check our Calendar of Events, you will find the complete list but a couple of the biggies are the the Opening Weekends for Calaway Park and Heritage Park. Fort Calgary is also having a party on Monday celebrating the 138th Birthday of the Formation of the North West Mounted Police. Whatever your weekend plans are, have fun, stay safe and wear plenty of sunscreen!