We love our visits to Wanuskewin every season but winter at Wanuskewin is especially fun. They have unique opportunities for families to try out winter activities as well as check out the interpretive centre and see daily performances. Visiting this amazing place was the first thing on our list for our February break. We finally made it on our last day of the break.


After checking in at the front desk, we asked about kicksledding. We tried it when we went to Wintershines but this was a lot more space to practice. They have the kicksleds by the door and are available for people to try out. My son really enjoyed the kicksleds because he got to sit in the seat while his mom did all the work. I tried to get him to switch spots with me but he was enjoying the ride. “Faster Mommy!” It was fun and we’ll definitely try them out again but it was tiring. We didn’t stay out on it for very long.

Winter at Wanuskewin

Beautiful Wanuskewin

We went inside to explore and warm up. It’s really the perfect place to combine outside and inside activities. We toured around the interpretive centre and even though we’ve walked around it many times my son always loves it. He loves finding new things and he loves exploring the areas he knows from previous visits.

Winter in Wanuskewin

Snowshoes to borrow

We were warm after our visit so we decided to head back outside and try out the snowshoes. They have TONS of snowshoes that can be used outside on the trails. My son and I are relatively new to snowshoeing and have plans to buy some in the future. This time it was easier just to use a pair they had. I’m still working on getting the straps figured out so I was very grateful that the people working at the front desk could give me a hand with my son’s snowshoes.

Adventures on the trails

We went for a short adventure on the trails. My son had fun trying the snowshoes in different places outside. We are so lucky to have the opportunity to have new experiences like kicksledding and snowshoeing. It’s great to try things out to see if we like them and I’m very happy that Wanusekwin gave us the chance to do both the new outdoor adventures.

Delicious Bison Burgers

We went in the morning and decided we should have some lunch before our next activity. We both really enjoyed our meal and we can’t wait to try more another time. We don’t always go out for lunch there because it is a good place for a picnic in the summer but every once in a while we treat ourselves. It was the perfect break before heading out to the playground. We chose a chilly day so the warming up was needed.


Because it was a colder day we had the playground all to ourselves. My son actually loves when there are more people around but decided this was the perfect opportunity for his mom to try out the playground.  Lots of climbing and a great big slide! (I went down the slide once and then decided it was just for the kiddo.)

It was a great way to spend our last day of holidays. We can’t wait until our next visit.


Winter at Wanuskewin

Location: RR #4 Penner Road