If you are looking for a true musical treat, go see the ArtsClub production of Mary Poppins.  If an audience leaping to its feet for a standing ovation – at a matinee performance – isn’t enough of an endorsement, let me convince you that you don’t want to miss this production.

I’m sure everyone in the audience was brought up on Julie Andrew’s version of Mary Poppins.  Sara-Jeanne Hosie had big shoes to fill and she excelled.  Her voice is spectacular, her mannerisms spot-on, and her embodiment of a beloved character was “practically perfect in every way”.  Ms. Hosie was supported by a truly spectacular cast: Scott Walters, as Bert, was witty and provided excellent narration to the whole musical; Susan Anderson, a favourite actress of mine, brilliantly played the dual roles of the Bird Lady and Mrs. Brill, the cook in the Banks’ household.

While our children have not yet seen the movie Mary Poppins, I was most excited to bring them to this musical.  We downloaded the music from iTunes and listened to it for the past week.  I find our kids enjoy a production much more if they know what is coming.  At the ages of 3 & 5 years, I’ve learned eliminating surprises helps ensure a successful experience.

The ArtsClub production of Mary Poppins is immensely kid-friendly.  Upon arrival at our seats, the house manager kindly brought over booster cushions for the kids.  So thoughtful…now if only our kids sat in their own seats instead of on our laps!  There are a multitude of technical feats incorporated into this show.  I don’t want to give them all away…but let’s just say if you don’t think some of the magical scenes from the movie could possibly happen in live theatre you would be wrong!

The show runs roughly 2.5 hours, with one intermission.   The ArtsClub production of Mary Poppins runs from now until January 5th.  When the city gets wind of how fantastic this production is tickets will be hard to find.  Grab your kids and “step in line” to see Mary Poppins at the Stanley Theatre.