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Family Fun Canada is a digital media publication that provides daily content to an engaged online audience of Canadian parents.

The brainchild of Melissa Vroon and Voula Martin, two moms and best friends since high school, Family Fun began in 2008 when they launched their first website,, out of frustration with continually missing out on the best family events. They saw a need for a website where parents could see all the upcoming family friendly events and activities in their city at a glance, then set out to fill that need.

With the success of Family Fun Calgary, they were able to expand to sites in Vancouver, EdmontonHalifax & Saskatoon with more local city sites in development.

The city sites are anchored by the the national family travel and adventure website offering parents reviews of great destinations to travel with kids, be it road trips or getaways to warmer locations.

Family Fun Canada has been, from its very inception and every step thereafter, a labour of love and a learning experience for its founding partners who wanted to craft quality websites catering to families looking for great entertainment. For this reason they were honoured to be nominated for the 2013 MOMpreneur of the Year award and in 2014 for the Globe & Mail’s Remarkable Small Business award.

Today Family Fun is a team of seven, with a crew of talented freelance contributors, all committed to family, fun, adventures and travel.

Founding Partners

Melissa Vroon | Founding Partner

Armed with an International Relations degree from the University of Calgary, Melissa Vroon traveled the globe studying, working and volunteering in over 40 countries. After seeing what the world had to offer, Melissa and her husband decided to settle in her hometown of Calgary which they consider one of the best cities in the world to live and raise their two children.
* Travel Media Association of Canada (TMAC) member

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Voula Martin | Founding Partner

A University of Calgary Political Science graduate and mom of two, Voula Martin was born in Montreal, grew up in Calgary and lived for 5 years in the lovely west coast city of Port Moody before returning to Calgary. As Editor in Chief of Family Fun Canada, an idea she helped take from a kitchen table discussion to a country wide digital distribution, Voula oversees a dedicated team of talented, amazing contributing writers.
* Travel Media Association of Canada (TMAC) member

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Charity Quick
City Editor Calgary

Charity Burpee Quick lives in Calgary with her husband and 3 kids. She loves reading by a quiet fireplace, travelling, taking the kids on adventures, and coffee, lots and lots of coffee. She spends her days planning trips around the world.

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Lindsay Follett
City Editor Vancouver

After nearly 2 decades of fundraising for BC universities, Lindsay Follett was ready for a change of pace. Now her greatest joy is found spending time with her fantastic husband and two eager-beaver sons. Making family memories in Vancouver, the Lower Mainland or destinations around the world, is what gets Lindsay moving in the morning.
Lindsay is also our National Sales &  Marketing Director for the Family Fun Canada network. For advertising opportunities  please email her at

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Jen Mallia
City Editor Edmonton

Jen Mallia is an Edmonton writer and stay at home mom who is rarely at home. Her writing credits include Where Edmonton and BirthISSUES. She is passionate about books, traveling and attachment parenting.
* Travel Media Association of Canada (TMAC) member

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Adele Paul
City Editor Saskatoon

Adele Paul is an ex-teacher and world traveller turned stay-at-home mommy and blogger. The only thing she likes better than a night out with fine food and girlfriends is 8pm cuddle-time with her 3 children at her Saskatoon home. Find her at:

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Sue Dinham
City Editor Halifax

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