Couples Getaway

Welcome to Las Vegas sign on the Las Vegas Strip
Las Vegas Recharge: Betting on Us

Of all the things we learned when we took prenatal classes many years ago, very few things have stuck. The prenatal class instructor was a lovely mother of 4 named Kathy and one thing that she stressed which resonated with us was the importance of keeping our relationship healthy. She
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A Girl’s Guide to Chicago | 6 things you don’t want to miss

When I heard one of the largest blogging conferences, BlogHer was being hosted in Chicago; I jumped at the chance to attend. I love going to big cities, and this one has been on my list of places to visit for years. Unfortunately, I did not get to do a
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Sparkling Hill Serenity Room
The Importance of Friendship: 4 Ways to Make Time for your Girlfriends

Growing up with brothers, I never really understood the concept of sisterhood. It seemed to me that my friends with sisters were always fighting, competing and annoying each other, so I never felt that I was missing out on anything. And then I had children. The women I needed after
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Hollywood Sign
Los Angeles: Tinseltown Without the Tots

I love traveling as a family, but after our recent adventures as a foursome, the husband I were ready to drop the kids off with grandma and head somewhere warm for a weekend alone. The prospect of planning a getaway that didn’t centre around child-friendly activities and focused on activities
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Lighthouse Court - Key West Historic Inns
Couples Retreat at Lighthouse Court: A Historic Key West Inn

Every once in a while, if the stars align and negotiations are successful, parents can, after months of careful planning, take a trip without their kids! It’s a rare and glorious occasion when you can choose a location based on your desires rather than the needs of the children. Traveling
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I did it in Las Vegas - Drove the big CAT!
I did it in Las Vegas!

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas… or so the saying goes. But when I visit Sin City, I can’t wait to get back home and tell everyone about my Vegas adventures! After all, my trips aren’t just about shopping and shows. You can do anything in that city, and
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Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas! A great place for moms to cut loose!
Moms let loose in Las Vegas

Las Vegas offers something for everyone – stag parties, adrenaline seekers, couples needing a break from their kids and even families. My favourite way to party in the city of sin? With my best girlfriends, of course. On a recent trip to Vegas we let loose and explored the Strip
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Happy Dirty Holiday without Kids
How to Have a Happy Dirty Holiday

Parents, it’s time to up your relationship game. Between the scheduling, chauffeuring and never ending snack prep, it’s easy to lose sight of how you and your partner used to connect. Let’s face it, parenting can be a major buzz kill. That doesn’t mean you ought to ship the young’uns
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Seattle for Couples
Seattle for Couples: It’s ok to be Sleepless!

In May 2000, a pair of 24-year-old newlyweds set forth on their honeymoon, a trip that included a scant 24 hours in Seattle Washington. Recently, those not-so-newlyweds, decided to celebrate their 15th anniversary with a dirty weekend in the city that they didn’t get to fully experience the first time
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How Four Moms Take Over Whistler

Dare I admit this out loud? I have a 4 year old and a 6 year old and I have just had my first moms’ weekend away EVER. Four moms, months of planning, way too many outfits packed and a pleasant drive to glorious Whistler, BC (just 2 hours northwest
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