Israeli Cookalong Humus Credit Miriam Kresh
Israel in the Kitchen with Israel Cookalong {Recipes}

People may be travelling more locally these days, but you can still discover the magic of other cultures from the comfort of home. With Israel Cookalong, a real-time cook-along over Zoom, you can taste the exuberant flavours of Israel, the Mediterranean and the Middle East. Appetizers, salads, main courses and
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Danny Mcgee Hidden Iceland Black Sand Beach
The Best of Iceland with Kids

If you haven’t visited Iceland before you might incorrectly assume it’s purely a winter wilderness. However, visitors, especially from Canada, will likely find the winters fairly mild and the summers quite glorious. A country of immense natural beauty and dramatic landscapes, fit for movies, Iceland is also the perfect destination
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10 Amazing Family Activities in Cornwall England
10 Amazing Family Activities in Cornwall, England

Since the dawn of British rail travel, England’s county of Cornwall – with fierce Atlantic waves, lusty fields, and breathtakingly perilous cliffs – has provided a breath of fresh air for city and suburb-dwellers. Newquay (pronounced New-Key), one of Cornwall’s most popular destinations,  has become known – for better or
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Ireland - Sandhouse Hotel offers great beach access - Photo Carol Patterson
Why the Irish Don’t Talk About Leprechauns (and Other Surprising Things to Discover in Northwest Ireland)

When you dream of Ireland do you think of leprechauns? The Irish secretly hate it when visitors ask about them (it’s akin to asking Canadians how many dogs you have in your dog sled team). Instead, plan a trip that reveals things locals are proud of. After a day acclimatizing
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Travel trends for 2020: Wellness in Japan
12 Travel Trends for 2020 That Will Transform the Way You Think About Travel

Fasten your seat belts – there are some very interesting travel trends on our radar. In 2020 more people will turn to travel advisors, professional photographers, and even astrologers to help get the best out of their trip, while in the business world, experts predict a rise in Canadian airfares
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Dordogne france vacation rental
Stay in a Charming Farmhouse in the Dordogne for a Quieter Side of France

Paris is grand and the Riviera shimmers with glamour, but for families looking for a quiet French holiday, the Dordogne region offers the perfect respite from the crowded clamour of the more popular tourist hotspots. The charming rural area is home to castles, picturesque villages set on lush landscapes, and
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Sunset from the Piazalle Michelangelo - Debra Smith
Explore Florence by Foot

There are so many things to love about Florence, especially its walkable historic centre. See how easy it is to visit all the major sites, plus some lesser-known gems using these behind the scenes tips to explore Florence. What to See Florence offers up such a bountiful bouquet of art
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Bike Mallorca Spain
Have Bike, Will Travel! Cycle in Mallorca, Spain

I am finally coasting downhill, after pedalling up for longer than I care to remember, but I have no choice – I simply MUST stop. I’m a scant few (winding) kilometres from my destination – the iconic lighthouse at Cap Formentor on the island of Mallorca, Spain – and what
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A History Lesson With Teens - Travelling Through Central Europe
A History Lesson With Teens – Travelling Through Central Europe

Learning through books or a history class cannot compare to a first-hand travel experience. In the summer of 2018, using Europe’s amazing rail system, we were able to take a three-week trip to Central Europe to visit four countries and four world capitals. It was a history lesson, unlike anything
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Solo et Duo Venice Photo Gallery

The sun was setting over the lagoon in Venice as the gold-trimmed, black gondola I was riding in glided into a darkening canal, as gently as a leaf spinning on a pond. As the gondolier guided his craft alongside candlelit waterfront restaurants and under ancient bridges, I could see the
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