Essex Street - Photo Stephen Johnson
Bewitched by Salem and Gloucester Massachusetts

We arrived in Salem, Massachusetts expecting to find out everything about witches. Beginning in 1692, the infamous Salem Witch Trails resulted in the execution of nineteen people convicted on (false) accusations of witchcraft. We certainly learned a lot about witches but also discovered a city steeped in colonial history, maritime
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Worthwhile Weekends: How to make the most of a quick trip

Are we doing anything fun this weekend? It’s a common question in my house. Between sports and homework, and fundraising for the sports, and birthday parties, and swimming lessons (let me check my calendar, I think I forget something…) fun can be a relative term. One thing we agree is
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Boston Skywalk Photo Sarah Deveau
One on One Weekend Away? Take Your Teen to Boston

“Wanna go see Twenty One Pilots in Boston?” I asked my 13-year-old daughter. The answer was a resounding yes to the concert, but hesitation over the destination. “Is there anything I’d like to do in Boston?” she asked. I assured her there would be plenty of things to do that
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3 Kids Friendly Cultural Experiences in Boston
Three Kid Friendly Cultural Experiences In Boston

Visiting Boston was one of those family vacations that blew me away. What I thought would be a fun but standard family trip to a big American city, turned out to be a life-time-memory making experience we will never forget. Why? Because Boston is a hub of kid-friendly cultural experiences!
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Things To Do With Kids In Boston
14 Awesome Things To Do With Kids In Boston

Any parent will understand that I had nothing but the best intentions to plan an itinerary well in advance of our trip to Boston. But as we got closer to our leave-only-two-days-after-the-last-day-of-school departure date, I realized I had a very short list and no clear idea of how to spend
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