Dordogne france vacation rental
Stay in a Charming Farmhouse in the Dordogne for a Quieter Side of France

Paris is grand and the Riviera shimmers with glamour, but for families looking for a quiet French holiday, the Dordogne region offers the perfect respite from the crowded clamour of the more popular tourist hotspots. The charming rural area is home to castles, picturesque villages set on lush landscapes, and
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Big Family Travel Unique and Affordable Accommodations for Big Broods!
Big Family? Here Are Some Unique and Affordable Accommodations for Big Broods!

Let’s face it. Travelling as a family of five or more in an accommodation world built for four can be challenging. I know this all too well. When my kids were small, it was possible—though never preferable—to cajole the wee three into one bed. Now that the oldest tops me
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Study abroad mei international
Studying Abroad with MEI International Academy: Where Teenagers Live it to Learn it

It was the Face Time call that had me in tears. Sorrow? Joy? It was both. I missed my daughter terribly. She was in her hotel room with the busy streets of Paris out the window. It was week two of her summer adventure and she was loving it. Stories
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Paris Catacombs
Spooky, Spectacular Paris Catacombs

Deep in the bowels beneath Paris lies a city unseen. The bones of citizens long dead form an intricate architecture that is the chilling and fascinating Paris catacombs. A sign marks the entrance: “Arrête! C’est ici l’empire de la Mort” (“Stop! This is the Empire of the Dead”) Not the
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