WW I Plane
Family Travel: Museum of Flight in Seattle

Last weekend our family went camping in Washington State, in a lovely spot, close to the ocean, close to the outlet malls and in the middle of beautiful lush forest. Problem was that the sun played peekaboo with the rain making that lush forest damp and dark. That’s when we
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A Morning at Stonehenge

When planning our trip to England I knew I wanted to show my boys Stonehenge.  I recognize at ages 2 & 4 they aren’t capable of comprehending the true significance of a 5,000 year old monument.  However, since we had traveled 7,500kms from Vancouver to England, I figured the additional
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Bekonscot Model Village, England
The Fun is more than Miniature at Bekonscot Model Village

What a delightful treat we discovered at Beckonscot Model Village!  The venue first opened in 1927 and has been expanding ever since. Roughly 1.5 acres are covered in whimsical village scenes.  From a police station with a bed sheet escape ladder hanging out the window, to a burning thatched roof
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How to have a Whirlwind Vacation in Anaheim, California

My family and I recently returned from a vacation to Anaheim, California. When I tell people that, their first question is always about Disneyland yet I can say with conviction there is a lot more to the Anaheim area than just Disney! What did we do in one week? We
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Queen Mary - At the Helm
Exploring Southern California Naval History at The Queen Mary, USS Iowa & Nixon Presidential Library

So what else is there to do in Southern California if you want to do more than Disneyland and other theme parks? LOTS!! In one week, we visited 3 theme parks, but we also visited a number of unique local attractions. I think there is time on every vacation to
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The Canadian Museum of Human Rights opens in Winnipeg on September 20, 2014
Canadian Museum for Human Rights in Winnipeg opens September 20

The long held dream of a Canadian Museum for Human Rights has finally come to fruition. The noted architectural jewel in Winnipeg is throwing open its elegant doors for its opening weekend on September 20th and 21st to welcome one and all, free of charge. Registration began September 3rd for
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New Dinosaur Species
See the New Dinosaur Species Discovered in Alberta!

Starting June 4th, 2015, you can see “Hellboy” the new dinosaur species discovered in Alberta, at the Royal Tyrell Museum in Drumheller, Alberta! A dinosaur named after a comic book character? Get ready for every 8 year old (or 8 year old at heart!) you know to lose their minds
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5 Unusual Canadian Museums
5 Weird and Wonderful Canadian Museums

Museum. For many of us, that word still conjures up distant memories of dusty old buildings, housing dusty old objects in dusty glass cases. Hopefully interesting, but quite possibly not, depending on your interest in the subject. Fortunately, museums have come a long way in the last few decades and now, wherever you
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Things To Do With Kids In Boston
14 Awesome Things To Do With Kids In Boston

Any parent will understand that I had nothing but the best intentions to plan an itinerary well in advance of our trip to Boston. But as we got closer to our leave-only-two-days-after-the-last-day-of-school departure date, I realized I had a very short list and no clear idea of how to spend
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Fort Whoop-Up Photo credit Sarah Deveau
A historic time at Fort Whoop-Up

“This was way more fun that I was expecting it to be,” my five-year-old said in a stage whisper as we sat at a picnic table enjoying ice cream cones after a three-hour adventure through Fort Whoop-Up, a national historic site in Lethbridge, Alberta. Considering the competition for her time
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