A proud gardener at Upper Canada Village demonstrates how the vegetables are grown - Photo Jan Feduck
Tasty Time Travel: Food History at Canada’s Historic Sites

Children sat quietly around a harvest table eating with their family and talking about what farm chores needed to be done for the day. This French family was dining as if in the 1700s at New Brunswick’s Acadian Village. A little boy, visiting with his family stood around the outside
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family-fun in Regina
48 Hours of Family Fun in Regina, Canada’s Queen City

“It feels like we’re in England!” These words come from my nine-year-old son, half Brit by descent, and I can’t disagree. As we sit enjoying a gorgeous, sunny afternoon taking in all the pomp and ceremony of the Sergeant Major’s Parade at Regina’s RCMP Training Depot, our environment has undoubtedly
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Saskatoon Food - Odd Couple - Photo Sabrina Pirillo
Babysitter Worthy Restaurants in Saskatoon

The momentum of Saskatoon’s culinary scene is taking off like a mom to a back to school sale.  There are many new restaurants and revitalised neighbourhoods offering a unique perspective for the culinary scene. They’ve gone beyond being the world’s largest exporter of mustard seed and flat prairie lands; there’s
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Best Christmas Makets in Canada
Canucks, Crafts & Cheer! Find It All at These 8 Best Christmas Markets in Canada

Christmas is just around the corner, and no one knows how to celebrate better than the citizens of the great, white north! Canadians love to ring in the season with mistletoe, plenty of snow and, of course, Christmas markets. From Victoria to St. John’s, our great nation is looking to
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Prairie Road Trip Through Saskatchewan-Mac-Photo Sabrina Pirillo
From The ‘Toon to the Capital: A Prairie Road Trip Through Saskatchewan

Take everything you think you know about Saskatchewan and then throw it right out the window. Did you know that the first season of Amazing Race Canada (2013) featured a pit stop at the RCMP Depot in Regina, where the Royal Canadian Mounted Police train every member across Canada?  Or
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Funny Saskatchewan Place Names That Will Make You Chuckle
Funny Saskatchewan Place Names That Will Make You Chuckle

The hard-working, fun-loving people of Saskatchewan don’t take themselves too seriously, as these quirky place names show!  I’ve always loved the hubris of the small Saskatchewan town of Biggar. They have a sign on their main street with the claim “New York is big but this is Biggar”.   This town
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Windscape kite festival
The Windscape Kite Festival Takes Festivals to New Heights in the Land of Living Skies

“KITES!” my kids shout in unison as we round the corner on South Railway Street in Swift Current, Saskatchewan. With a grain terminal to our right and an expanse of blue sky dotted with a colourful array of kites to our left, it is a truly unique prairie vista. The
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Wanuskewin Tipi Sleepover
Humility, Imagination and the Elements–Spending a Night in a Tipi at Wanuskewin

As we roll up to Wanuskewin Heritage Park 5km northwest of Saskatoon, the skies are moody. There’s a foreboding black cloud to the east, the air is uncharacteristically damp, and my Weather Network app tells me it will be 4 degrees overnight. I’m not a camper by any stretch of
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Saskatoon is all the rage
Which Canadian Prairie City is All The Rage in 2018?

Last year it was featured in Vogue and then USA Today. This year, a certain understated city is the only Canadian destination to be named in the New York Times 52 Places to Go list! That’s right, ladies and gentleman, you heard it here! The humble, prairie city of Saskatoon is
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Canada's nicest buttes
Our Greatest Assets – Canada’s Nicest Buttes!

Butte noun \ˈbyüt\ (noun) :  an isolated hill or mountain with steep or precipitous sides or crevices usually having a small summit area Canada is a natural wonderland! With more miles of coastline than anywhere on the planet, grandiose mountain ranges, vast expanses of unspoiled tundra, majestic plains, and more
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