Travel trends for 2020: Wellness in Japan
12 Travel Trends for 2020 That Will Transform the Way You Think About Travel

Fasten your seat belts – there are some very interesting travel trends on our radar. In 2020 more people will turn to travel advisors, professional photographers, and even astrologers to help get the best out of their trip, while in the business world, experts predict a rise in Canadian airfares
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Big Family Travel Unique and Affordable Accommodations for Big Broods!
Big Family? Here Are Some Unique and Affordable Accommodations for Big Broods!

Let’s face it. Travelling as a family of five or more in an accommodation world built for four can be challenging. I know this all too well. When my kids were small, it was possible—though never preferable—to cajole the wee three into one bed. Now that the oldest tops me
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Travelling Your Roots – The Journey Home to Scotland - MacdonaldCastleFerns - Credit Kaeleigh MacDonald
Travelling Your Roots – The Journey Home to Scotland

There it was. Nestled into the valley, dripping with vines and overgrown wildflowers, the castle! Its walls were crumbling, and it had no roof, but the majesty and history of the aged structure were not lost on us. “Wow,” my husband exclaimed. This was it. His family’s ancestral home, the
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Walking tour stops at a close in Edinburgh - Photo Shelley Cameron-McCarron
Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid, in Edinburgh

Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital city, lends itself well to haunted and historical tours. Is ‘the watcher’ lurking in the shadows of the dark stone corridor ahead? My youngest daughter is taking no chances, here in the airless, almost claustrophobic cavern beneath the streets of Edinburgh, Scotland’s beguiling capital city. The normally
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Credit Wilderness Scotland
Take a (Luxurious) Walk on the Wide Side with Wilderness Scotland

Some of Scotland’s most spectacular destinations can be found within the country’s National Parks; they’re the perfect playground for outdoor enthusiasts. Specialty tour operator Wilderness Scotland, Scotland’s only five-star accredited adventure tour operator, has recently announced two new wilderness walking adventures through Scotland and neighbouring England, and a new luxury
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Feature Exploring Glasgow With Teens and Tweens - Glasgow Discover Scotland day trip Inverary Castle - Photo Shelley Cameron McCarron
Exploring Bonnie Glasgow With Teens and Tweens

Freshly deposited in Glasgow, Scotland’s biggest city at 1.2 million people, my youngest child is surprisingly enthusiastic: about shopping. And I can’t blame the tween fashionista. I’m hooked too as our family of five wheels our suitcases down the teeming sidewalks from Glasgow Queen Street train station to our hotel,
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International Tattoo
Take Your Family to The Greatest Show on Earth: A Royal International Tattoo – in Edinburgh, Scotland or Halifax, Nova Scotia

If you have never been to a Royal International Tattoo, make plans to see one of the largest, longest-running and exciting shows in history. You can visit the original Tattoo on the grounds of Edinburgh Castle in Scotland, or enjoy a breathtaking indoor show in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The word
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Planning a family visit to Scotland (Family Fun Canada)
Bonny Scotland, Here We Come! A Canadian Clan Plans a First-Time Visit

My husband and I have always dreamed of visiting Scotland. His family came to Canada a long time ago, but with a name like MacKay, a love of single malts (his, not mine) and a mild obsession with Outlander (mine, not his), it makes perfect sense to want to visit the old homeland.
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Hogmanay fireworks Visit Scotland
Ring in the New Year, Scots-Style; Hogmanay in Bonny Scotland

Got any big plans for New Years Eve? If you really want to say farewell to 2015 in style, and start 2016 on an unbelievably high note, forget about NYE and think instead: Hogmanay. Hogma-whatsit-now?? Without question the biggest holiday in Scotland, Hogmanay is a new year celebration extraordinaire, and a bucket-list-worthy treat
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