At Giganticus Headicus on Route 66--just another roadside attraction_photo by Blake Ford
Are You Griswold Enough? A weird and wacky road trip through the American Southwest

Driving out of Las Vegas, our white Chevy rental car racing east toward the red mountains of Utah, my husband Blake cranks up “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” and starts singing and air banjo-ing along. “What is this?” our teenage daughter Avery groans from the back seat. “Why are
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Loving Las Vegas with Teens

It may come as a surprise, but the famous oasis in the desert serves up a lot more than a 24/7 buffet menu of casinos and slot machines. Las Vegas can be an exciting place for families with teenagers looking for authentic off-grid experiences, thrilling adventures, and great eats. Lip
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Riders on the Big Apple Coaster scream down the track at the New York New York Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. CREDIT: Mark Damon/Las Vegas News Bureau
Las Vegas for All Ages: 4 Things Vegas Has to Offer That Kids Will Love!

My husband and I took our second trip to Las Vegas when our son was seven months old. We left him and his three-year old sister behind with Grandma, but unlike our first trip before we had kids, an all-nighter seemed like a cruel punishment rather than a goal, and
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Vacation Homework – What to Read, Watch and Listen to Before You Go!

The usual pre-vacation research can be somewhat tedious. Hotel accommodations and car rentals and maps may be a must, but It’s time to infuse some fun into the process. What better way to do that than a bit of twist on the usual to-do list. Go ahead and pore over
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6 Best Donut Shops in North America Photo Credit - Flickr Creative Commons - speakerchad
Donuts to die for: The 6 Best Donut Shops in North America

On a recent trip to Portland, I crowd-sourced friends before heading to “beervana” for suggestions on where to eat and drink. Everyone agreed – VooDoo Donuts was a must visit. As a travel writer, that meant just one thing. Though VooDoo received all the accolades from tourists, I would bet
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Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas! A great place for moms to cut loose!
Moms let loose in Las Vegas

Las Vegas offers something for everyone – stag parties, adrenaline seekers, couples needing a break from their kids and even families. My favourite way to party in the city of sin? With my best girlfriends, of course. On a recent trip to Vegas we let loose and explored the Strip
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I did it in Las Vegas - Drove the big CAT!
I did it in Las Vegas!

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas… or so the saying goes. But when I visit Sin City, I can’t wait to get back home and tell everyone about my Vegas adventures! After all, my trips aren’t just about shopping and shows. You can do anything in that city, and
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Travel Dreams for 2015 Ramla I-Hamra, Malta courtesy Viewing Malta
4 Over the top Travel Dreams Plus Places We’ll Actually Go

I like the blank white pages of a pristine calendar. All those days, all those possibilities. No dentist appointments or school meetings or obligations to mar the boxes. No “bill due” scrawled in red or “P” in the corner of every second Thursday by which to measure how long of
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Welcome to Las Vegas sign on the Las Vegas Strip
Las Vegas Recharge: Betting on Us

Of all the things we learned when we took prenatal classes many years ago, very few things have stuck. The prenatal class instructor was a lovely mother of 4 named Kathy and one thing that she stressed which resonated with us was the importance of keeping our relationship healthy. She
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