I have to admit, out of all the fun things that I thought of doing during self-isolation, I never once thought of playing – I mean experimenting – with dry ice! But dry ice is educational and incredibly amusing.

For a limited time in 2020, Calgary Dry Ice is offering a 10 lb bag of dry ice for $20. (This is a LOT of dry ice, so you could even share it with a friend.) You can always head to the store to pick up some dry ice, anytime from 9 am – 4 pm on weekdays. OR, you can order your dry ice and get FREE delivery, 6 days a week! (Free delivery applies to most of Calgary – see website for extra fees.)

Calgary Dry Ice (Family Fun Calgary)

Head to Calgary Dry Ice and order your delivery for summer fun HERE.

*This offer is also open to businesses!
*Be sure to use the dry ice the day you get it, or it will vanish! Store in a camping cooler until you use it.
*Share your experiments and tag #calgarydryice.

Find some great dry ice activity videos HERE.


Calgary Dry Ice Delivery:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/calgarydryice

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