Hiking With Kids

Urban Hikes (Family Fun Calgary)
Urban Hikes: Hit the Trails Without Hitting the Road

Urban hikes: let’s hit the trail without hitting the road! Parenting involves seasons of desperately trying to fill the days with activities, like taking toddlers swimming, even though you know perfectly well you might spend more time getting ready and cleaning up than you actually spend in the pool. It
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Douglas Fir Trail Edworthy Park (Family Fun Calgary)
Adventure in an Afternoon: Hiking the Douglas Fir Trail at Edworthy Park

I like to be active, but to be honest, I’m a bit of a lazy hiker. I do best when someone treats me like a teenager. “Okay, Charity, we’re going hiking so get in the car. Lunch is already packed and we’ll go out for supper when we’re done.” I’m
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Big Hill Springs (Family Fun Calgary)
Take a Hike: A Family Hike, That is, at Big Hill Springs

Take the short drive out to Big Hill Springs Provincial Park for a family hike! A perfect starting hike for all ages, Big Hill Springs is a lovely place to enjoy nature and maybe even pack a picnic. Big Hill Springs: Where: Big Hills Springs Provincial Park Address: Big Hill
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Letterboxing: A Great Activity for Family Fun in Calgary

July 2013 By Robin Farr Letterboxing is a mix of art, journaling, solving mysteries, and hunting for buried treasure. It’s similar to geocaching, except that instead of finding an object and leaving one in its place, you’re collecting a stamp in your journal and leaving your stamp in the journal
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Hiking With Kids: Troll Falls in Kananaskis

June 2012 After my recent discovery of an awesome new hiking book, Take a Hike with your Children from Tots to Tweens in the Canadian Rockies, I couldn’t wait to take our family for our first official hike. On a lazy Sunday afternoon, we decided to hike to Troll Falls in
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Picnic in Kananaskis Country | Elbow Falls

February 2012 Since winter had pretty much been non-existent this year, we decided this past weekend to go for a picnic to Elbow Falls in Kananaskis. Elbow Falls is a great little walk for small children but since there is snow still on the ground, the walk ways are closed
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Hiking With Kids: November in Banff

I don’t know about you but November has never been my favorite time of year to go to the mountains. This year however, we have discovered a whole new appreciation for the month of November normally referred to as shoulder season.[…]

Rocky Mountain Adventures - Hiking at Sundance Canyon
Rocky Mountain Adventures: A Stress-Free Day In The Mountains

We wanted to go hiking last weekend with our two year old son but honestly, after working four days that week I just didn’t have the energy to deal with all the preparation that an outing requires. There’s enough gear to pack just for a solo trip but add a toddler who requires double the gear, it’s often a daunting task just to get out the door with your sanity still in tact. To further complicate things, it’s late October here in the Canadian Rockies and that means we are looking at the possibility of winter hiking and having to pack enough extra clothing to keep everybody warm and dry […]

Hiking with a 4 year old in Kananaskis

May 2011 Reality: 1 Fantasy: 0 But I wouldn’t want it any other way or Why hiking with a 4-year old requires an adjustment to expectations After countless weekends filled with errands, appointments and lots and lots of visitors, the May long weekend arrived to an agenda filled with, by
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