Ahhh, summer. Those long, hazy, lazy days are so much fun! This is when kids have lots of free time to spend outdoors, play with friends, and have new adventures. And after the year we’ve had – they deserve it! But moms and dads often don’t get as long a break as our lucky kids, so we need to find safe and fun places for them to spend part of their time. Happily, there are many great options for Calgary summer camps. You can see our massive Summer Camp Guide here, but if you’re looking specifically for SPORTS summer camps, keep reading!

Calgary Gymnastics Centre Summer Camps
Calgary Gymnastics Centre (Family Fun Calgary)

It’s time to run, play, and give our houses a break from those energetic kids! Let the kids burn their energy somewhere else this summer because the Calgary Gymnastics Centre is ready and waiting for those swinging, jumping, busy little monkeys! Kids can tumble their way through a fun-filled, energetic summer with full-day and half-day camps at the Calgary Gymnastics Centre!

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Champion’s Creed Summer CampsChampions Creed Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)

Hey, kids! Get ready for adventure and excitement this summer, with amazing, high-energy summer camps from Champion’s Creed! You will love a week of camp (or more!) that includes martial arts lessons, games, arts and crafts, and outdoor activities. Parents, you’ll be happy to hear that the camps include a themed educational component, lots of exercise, and optional pre-care and post-care. It’s time to get back to life this summer!

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Glenmore Gymnastics Club Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)

Glenmore Gymnastics Club Summer Camps

How do you keep your kids busy in the summer? How about with some energetic jumping, a little swinging, and a chance to hang upside down! Add a whole lot of fun to this and your kids will be getting active and burning energy at the Glenmore Gymnastics Club summer camps!

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Pedalheads (Family Fun Calgary)Pedalheads Summer Camps

Summer is never long enough, but as Calgarians, we know how to make the most of the season! Families in Calgary love to bike, for both transportation and recreation, and many Calgary parents already know all about the benefits of Pedalheads Summer Camps. Pedalheads has helped Calgary kids with everything from getting rid of their training wheels, to learning bike safety, to trail riding. It’s so exciting when your child pedals away without anyone’s help!

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Repsol Sport Centre Summer CampsRepsol Sport Centre (Family Fun Calgary)

This summer is the time for the kids to get off the screens and back to life with a variety of activities that will inspire them! The Repsol Sport Centre is ready for an amazing summer with their invigorating Sport Camps! When Mom and Dad need to be hard at work, kids ages 2 – 14 can enjoy the active summer they need. Repsol Sport Centre Sport Camps help kids keep moving with incredibly fun days, under the leadership of qualified, enthusiastic instructors.

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Royal City Soccer Camp (Family Fun Calgary)Royal City Soccer Summer Camps

It’s joy and laughter, running and cheering. What more could you ask for from summer?! With the Royal City Soccer Club, your kids will spend their days playing, swimming, and making new friends. They offer a uniquely designed camp that offers soccer in the morning, followed by a leisure swim (subject to availability, ratios, and restrictions) and camp activities in the afternoon. Kids are safely cared for while enjoying an idyllic summer!

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Stryker Sports Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)Stryker Sports Summer Camps

Summer is on its way, with those wonderful days of sleeping in and playing with friends. But parents are starting to think about a long summer ahead of them! Stryker Sports has basketball and volleyball summer camps that engage the body and keep the kids active. These camps teach more about the game and give kids a chance to have fun and thrive in a positive sports environment.

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WinSport Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)WinSport Summer Camps

After months spent indoors and life in front of a screen, it’s time to get outside and start playing! This July and August, WinSport is thrilled to bring kids a chance to move, challenge themselves, and burn their energy with a variety of exciting and active summer camps for kids aged 4 to 17. Good things happen when kids play so give your kids an adventure they’ll remember all year long! They’ll have heaps of fun and come home tuckered out.

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Wymbin Yoga Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)

Wymbin Yoga Summer Camps

Are your kids looking for a little adventure, activity, and fun in the summer sun? They’ll find this and a whole lot more at Wymbin this summer, where good things are growing in the heart of Inglewood! Through yoga, mindfulness, and engaging in nature, kids will learn about community and develop a sense of belonging, while deepening their connection to self, others, nature, and the world around us with summer camps at Wymbin Yoga.

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