Give Your Kids the Time of Their Lives, Even When You Can’t Be On Vacation: Calgary Summer Camps for Kids

Summer Camps 2018 (Family Fun Calgary)

Ahhh, summer. Those long, hazy, lazy days are so much fun! This is when kids have lots of free time to spend outdoors, play with friends and have new adventures. But moms and dads often don’t get as long a break as our lucky kids, so we need to find safe and fun places for them to spend part of their time. Happily, Calgary offers many great options. But, we know that busy moms and dads also don’t have a whole lot of free time for researching summer camps, so we’re creating this terrific resource to shorten your search for great camps!

Bricks 4 Kidz Calgary summer camps 2017 (Family Fun Calgary)

Bricks 4 Kidz® Summer Camps in Calgary

LEGO® – it’s so painful to step on. But it’s also so great for teaching kids about principles of architecture and design, plus all the STEAM concepts: science, technology, engineering, arts and math . . . whine-free! As a LEGO® Leader, Bricks 4 Kidz is in the LEGO®-for-learning biz, and they step up the action when summer arrives, with a fantastic selection of summer camps that offer play and learning in an exciting, fun and inspiring environment. Read more about it here.

National Music Centre Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)

National Music Centre Summer Camps

Do you have a teen or pre-teen interested in playing, listening, and learning more about music? Encourage their passions by enrolling them in music-related summer programming at Studio Bell, home of the National Music Centre. From July 30 – August 24, teens and pre-teens will have the opportunity to play instruments, jam with their peers, and collaborate with highly skilled educators at the beautiful Studio Bell building. Read more about it here.

School of Rock Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)

School of Rock Summer Camps

Some kids just have a passion for music and performance and would like nothing better this summer than to rock out! School of Rock feels the same way. With summer camps for kids ages 6 – 18 at two different Calgary locations, they have prepared a place for your child to play guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, and vocals. No experience is necessary and kids get to experience as close to the “real thing” as possible! Read more about it here.

Decidedly Jazz Danceworks (Family Fun Calgary)

Decidedly Jazz Danceworks

This summer, keep moving, have fun, and develop creativity with Decidedly Jazz Danceworks summer camps. Decidedly Jazz is a professional dance company in Calgary, dedicated to the evolving art of jazz dance. With professional training, outreach programs, and original performances created every year, Decidedly Jazz Danceworks is Calgary’s largest recreational dance school and they’re passionate about what they do. Read more about it here.

Engenuics STEM Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)

STEM at Camp enGenius – Engenuics Junior High Summer Camps

Engenuics has developed Camp enGENIUS, a STEM-based summer camp designed specifically for junior high students, ages 11 – 15. Engineering and programming are found in nearly every job field in today’s world. This summer camp is all about breaking down the misunderstandings and barriers to technical careers. No experience is required and problem-solving, group work, and presentations are all part of this fantastic week. Read more about it here.

Atco Blue Flame Kitchen Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)

ATCO Blue Flame Kitchen Summer Camps

What’s better than sitting down to a delicious meal with your family? Sitting down to a delicious meal that your kids have made for your family! Sometimes cooking can be a bit of a learning curve, but with ATCO Blue Flame Kitchen Summer Camps, kids aged 9 – 14 can learn a vital life skill, have fun, and take pride in sharing the fruits of their labour with family and friends! Every camp is sure to reveal your child’s inner chef! Read more about it here.

Youth Singers of Calgary Gleek Out (Family Fun Calgary)

Youth Singers of Calgary Gleek Out! Summer Camps

The Youth Singers of Calgary have planned some awesome Gleek Out! summer show choir camps that will have your child singing, dancing, making new friends, and laying it down on stage. Gleek Out! camps are for kids aged 6-15 (each week is a smaller age span, though), of any experience or ability. Participants will have the opportunity to experience a number of popular styles of music and dance and each choral and choreography session is led by professional and enthusiastic choreographers and musicians! Read more about it here.

Stryker Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)

Stryker Sports Summer Camps

Summer camps, with their wide range of activities and options, are a great solution for today’s families, especially when they’re camps that engage the body and keep kids active. Stryker Sports is offering basketball and volleyball camps this summer for kids ages 6 – 15. Whether your child is just beginning in the sport or has some experience on the court, each child can learn more about the game, have fun, and thrive in this positive, sports environment. Read more about it here.

Idea Lab Calgary (Family Fun Calgary)

Idea Lab Kids Summer Camps

Cooking school, robotics, engineering, or art studio . . . do any of these great activities appeal to your child? What about computers and coding, chemistry and explosions, or budgeting, photography, or graphic arts? Simply put, if your child has an interest in just about anything, Idea Lab probably has a summer camp for you! Any child, from preschool to middle school, will find a camp that interests them. Read more about it here.


JunioTech Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)

JunioTech Summer Camps

School’s out for the summer and most kids are singing, “No more pencils, no more books!” But summer is a terrific time for kids to recognize that learning is also about exploring the world and naturally discovering that it can be fun! JunioTech Kids Academy has planned a summer full of unique and creatively designed summer technology camps that will teach your kids valuable, useful skills — the fun way! Read more about it here.


Genesis Centre Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)

Genesis Centre Summer Camps

Summer is the time to play, move, and discover the amazing world in which we live. A successful day is filled with imagination and exploring, and hopefully ends with kids falling happily into bed at night! The Genesis Centre has an amazing line-up of summer camps this year that will delight your child. From active camps to Idea Lab camps to Engineering for Kids camps, the hardest part will be choosing what weeks to attend. Read more about it here.


YMCA Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)

YMCA Summer Camps

Summer: fun, active, unplugged. Get off those screens, because, with seven health & recreation locations and two outdoor camps sites, the Calgary YMCA has plenty of spaces and places to keep kids busy all summer! Kids can choose from multi-activity and sport-specific camps or outdoor and overnight camps—or they can try them all! This year, the YMCA will offer even more camp options – both indoors and out! Read more about it here.


Trico Centre Summer Camp (Family Fun Calgary)

Trico Centre Summer Camps

Summer is a time for dancing, swimming, and playing sports. Or how about cooking, creating comics, and discovering Harry Potter? If your kids need to burn off that summer energy, at Trico Centre for Family Wellness summer camps they can help you choose what summer fun suits them best! There are amazing camps for children ages 3 – 12 (and even a couple options up to age 14!). Read more about it here.


The Reading Foundation Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)

The Reading Foundation Summer Camps

The Reading Foundation has many one-to-one opportunities during the school year to help reluctant older readers. You can also build a positive and solid foundation for your young child’s reading journey and keep them learning all summer. The Reading Foundation has summer camps for children from ages 3 – 5 where they can begin to discover for themselves the joy of reading. Read more about it here.


Tuck-n-Tumble Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)

Tuck-n-Tumble Summer Camps

Your kids are constantly on the move, so why not put all their energy to good use and sign them up for a Tuck-n-Tumble Gymnastics Camp? Let them do what comes naturally (and let them use some of that energy somewhere that is not in your house!) and have a wonderful time in the process. Balance, strength, and flexibility are the amazing side effects of a fabulous week at summer camp! Read more about it here.


Musica Academy Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)

Musica Academy Summer Camps

Whether it’s banging on the piano keys and off-key enthusiastic singing or years of dedicated practice, music lights a spark in our hearts and adds a beautiful dimension to our lives. The Musica Academy, Yamaha School of Music, knows that children of all ages are drawn to music and have an amazing creative potential just waiting to be developed. This summer, help enhance your child’s creativity and give them a great time with Musica Academy summer camps. Read more about it here.

Calgary Zoo Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)

Tots Summer Zoo Camp Calgary Zoo. Photo Credit: Sergei Belski

Calgary Zoo Summer Camps

Do your kids like to get a little wild during their summer holidays? The Calgary Zoo not only knows what that’s like, they want to join in! Whether your child is as young as four, a teen completing Grade 9, or somewhere in between, they can have an awesome summer experience at the Calgary Zoo. The amazing summer camps at the Calgary Zoo will encourage kids in their quest to learn about and explore their world. These camps engage kids on every level and inspire in them a love of nature. This year, kids of all ages will be thrilled that the pandas now have a home at the Calgary Zoo! Read more about it here.


H/W School of Ballet Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)

H/W School of Ballet Summer Programs

Do you have a child who wants to keep dancing over the summer? With individualized instruction and experienced dance teachers, H/W School of Ballet offers a rewarding dance school experience. They help challenge and build each young dancer who walks through their doors, motivating them and helping them meet their goals. Now, the H/W School of Ballet is offering summer camp programs where you can introduce your little dancer to their first plie or help them become even more accomplished dancers. Read more about it here.

Bolder Climbing Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)

Bolder Climbing Community Summer Camps

If your kids are getting antsy and bored this summer, let them climb the walls at Bolder Climbing Community Summer Camps! Children ages 8 – 14 years can attend the Kids’ Climb Fun Camps at Bolder Climbing Community. The Bolder Climbing Community, Calgary’s first bouldering specific climbing centre, offers you some of Canada’s best bouldering terrain on a wide variety of climbing holds, with frequently reset routes and circuits to make it interesting! Read more about it here.

Quest Theatre summer camps, Calgary AB (Family Fun Calgary).

Quest Theatre Summer Camps

Quest Theatre Summer Drama Camps celebrate the organic, ridiculous and brilliant creations of your child!  Kids aged 6-14 explore the world of live performance with experienced artists who love to share their passion for theatre. Children gain self-esteem, confidence, communication tools and friendships as well as learning about the Arts. Even if you don’t have little drama kings and queens, your kids can develop and grow through Quest Theatre camps as they learn more about themselves and those around them. Read more about it here.

Butterfield Acres' Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)

Butterfield Acres’ Summer Camps

This summer, give your kids a week on the “farm” at Butterfield Acres’ summer camps! Any little animal or outdoor lovers in your house will love to spend a week at Butterfield Acres; you’ll love all the fresh air they get and all the energy they use up on the farm! Children ages 3 – 14 can enjoy summer camp at Butterfield Acres. There will be animal games, activities, crafts, and camp songs, and kids will get up close and personal with the farm animals. Read more about it here.


Evolutions School of Dance (Family Fun Calgary)

Evolutions School of Dance Summer Camps

Evolutions School of Dance, located near Chinook Centre, offers classes for dancers ages 1 and up. With a variety of sessional programs and summer classes and summer camps, they offer dance options that will fit your family the whole year round! Genres taught include ballet, jazz, lyrical, hip-hop, contemporary, baby, toddler & preschooler classes and more. Read more about it here.


Summer camps at Repsol Sport Centre (Family Fun Calgary)

Repsol Sport Centre Summer Camps

We all like to think that summer should be two months of non-stop outdoor play, making the most of the warm weather and time off school. But when Mom and Dad need to be hard at work, where can kids go for fun and fitness? Repsol Sport Centre! Repsol Sport Centre Sport Camps offer kids aged 4-14 super fun and active days, under the leadership of qualified, active instructors. Taking advantage of the Centre’s excellent aquatic facilities, camps include water action as part of their daily activities. Read more about it here.

Chinook Music Summer Camp (Family Fun Calgary)

Chinook School of Music Summer Camps

Chinook School of Music day camps make learning music fun! A music-based summer camp is a wonderful opportunity for children to express their creativity, and Chinook School of Music’s Summer Camps give kids the opportunity to experience music for the first time. Participants will make new friends as they learn music fundamentals in a group environment. Chinook School of Music offers several camp options that are grouped into ages. NEW this year are a couple of programs designed for ages 12 and up! Read more about it here.

Kayben Farms Summer Camp (Family Fun Calgary)

Kayben Farms Summer Camps

Nothing says summer like fresh air, physical activity, and play time with new friends (of both the human and critter persuasion!). Remember the promise and excitement that summer held when you were a kid? Days were spent roaming outside, exploring, creating, and enjoying every minute. If you’re hoping to give your kids a classic summer experience, look no further than Kayben Farms! Read more about it here.

Heritage Park Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)

Heritage Park Summer Camps

When school lets out for the holidays, give your child a chance to go back in time at a Heritage Park day or overnight summer camp! Available for children aged 6-14, all Heritage Park summer camps are hands-on, fun-filled, and give kids a taste of how things used to be. Campers, dressed in a period costume, journey back in time to discover train, horse and wagon travel, learn their lessons in a one-room schoolhouse and even do a few chores around the ranch. Read more about it here.

Summer Camps at Cardel Rec South, Calgary AB (Family Fun Canada)

Cardel Rec South Summer Camps

Are you looking for something interesting and inspiring to keep your children occupied and entertained during their school break this summer? Cardel Rec South’s specialized day camp programs for kids aged 3 through teenager may be just the thing for your child! In addition to making new friends and having tons of fun, your child will leave these camps with increased knowledge and skills. Don’t tell them that they’re learning this summer; they’ll be having too much fun to notice! Read more about it here.

Vecova Programs 2018Vecova Recreation Centre Summer Day Camps and Swimming Lessons

At Vecova, camps for kids aged 5 – 14 are a different camp each week, training as a spy, exploring nature, playing sports, and more. Vecova also offers five specialized programs for the older kids, to focus on specific skills: Mini Chefs, Amazing Artists, Designers of the Future, Leadership and Babysitter’s Camp, or Survival Skills. Each fun camp offers swimming opportunities in Vecova’s amazing heated salt-water pool – the warmest saltwater pool in Calgary – plus a day trip to a location that fits the theme of the camp. Read more about it here.

Calgary Gymnastics Centre (Family Fun Calgary)

Calgary Gymnastics Summer Camps

Do your little monkeys start to swing from the chandeliers when they have too much time at home? Let them jump, swing and tumble their way through a fun-filled summer at the Calgary Gymnastics Centre! Summer camps are offered throughout July and August, and they also offer classes for kids from 18 months to 17 years. Programs are offered at both the West and the North locations. Read more about it here.


Pedalheads Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)

Pedalheads and Heroheads Summer Camps

This summer break, your kids can stay active, outdoors and busy learning new skills with Pedalheads Bike Camps, Heroheads Multi-Sport Camps, and Pedalheads Mountain Biking Camps. If they’re just beginning their biking adventures, this could be the year they get rid of those training wheels! Plus, you could win a week of 1/2 day camp! Read more about it here.


Royal City Soccer Camp (Family Fun Calgary)

Royal City Soccer Summer Camp

Since 1993, the Royal City Soccer Club has provided children with a marvellous summer experience.  With more than 10 locations in Calgary, Royal City offers the #1 grassroots soccer day camp in Canada. The fantastic summer camp program is designed to offer a soccer focus in the morning, followed by a leisure swim and camp activities in the afternoons. It’s a wonderful opportunity for kids to be safely cared for while enjoying an idyllic childhood summer! Read more about it here.

Leighton Art Centre Summer Camp (Family Fun Calgary)Leighton Art Centre Summer Camps

Leighton Art Centre Summer Camps – for kids aged 6 to 14 – offer a hands-on connection to art, nature and Alberta’s heritage. Each week, campers will be inspired to create in a wide variety of art forms, while exploring the natural Alberta Foothills setting through nature hikes and outdoor games and activities. Read more about it here.

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