Calgary Summer Camp Guide: Give Your Kids the Time of Their Lives, Even When You Can’t Be On Vacation!

Summer Camps Guide 2019 (Family Fun Calgary)

Ahhh, summer. Those long, hazy, lazy days are so much fun! This is when kids have lots of free time to spend outdoors, play with friends and have new adventures. But moms and dads often don’t get as long a break as our lucky kids, so we need to find safe and fun places for them to spend part of their time. Happily, Calgary offers many great options. But, we know that busy moms and dads also don’t have a whole lot of free time for researching summer camps, so we’re creating this terrific resource to shorten your search for great camps!

Decidedly Jazz Danceworks (Family Fun Calgary)

Decidedly Jazz Danceworks Summer Camps

Some kids can’t stop grooving, moving, and feeling the beat! This summer, take that beautiful energy in your kids and channel it into dancing with Decidedly Jazz Danceworks summer camps. They will spend a week being active, having fun, and developing their creativity! Decidedly Jazz Danceworks is Calgary’s largest recreational dance school and they’re passionate about what they do. They encourage their dance students and campers to experience how jazz music shapes movement and feeling, to explore the connection between personal expression and collaboration, and to enjoy the movement. Read more about it here.

Calgary Zoo Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)

Tots Summer Zoo Camp Calgary Zoo. Photo Credit: Sergei Belski

Calgary Zoo Summer Camps

Do your kids tend to get a little wild during their summer holidays? The Calgary Zoo not only knows what that’s like, they also want to join in! Whether your child is as young as four, a teen entering Grade 9, or somewhere in between, they can have an awesome summer experience at the Calgary Zoo. The amazing summer camps at the Calgary Zoo will encourage kids in their quest to learn about and explore their world. These camps engage kids on every level and inspire in them a love of nature. Through age-appropriate crafts, songs, games, activities, behind-the-scenes experiences, and tours, campers will learn about the zoo’s amazing collection of animals and the habitats in which they live. Read more about it here.


Poppy Innovations Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)

Poppy Innovations Summer Camps

Kids love to get in the kitchen, and this summer they can learn to cook with Poppy Innovations Summer Camps. They will have fun with food while learning about healthy living, and as parents, we know that these skills will help them throughout their whole life! Poppy Innovations aims to build healthy communities by empowering and supporting kids and their families through “edible education.” They offer interesting, hands-on summer camps, for either a full day or a full week, plus an evening gardening club. Read more about it here.


Repsol Sport Centre Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)

Repsol Sport Centre Summer Camps

We all like to think that summer should be two months of non-stop outdoor play, making the most of the warm weather and time off school. But when Mom and Dad need to be hard at work, where can kids go for fun and fitness? Repsol Sport Centre will help your kids thrive by giving them the active summer they need! Repsol Sport Centre Sport Camps offer kids aged 4-14 incredibly fun and active days, under the leadership of qualified, active instructors. Camps include water action as part of their daily activities and CoreSPORT and SPORTainment for a two-pronged approach leading to amazing experiences for your kids! Read more about it here.

University of Calgary Design Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)

University of Calgary Design Camps

Is your child more interested in the design of the playground than going down the slide? Sounds like you may have a future architect, planner or landscape architect on your hands! Enrol your design enthusiast into a Design Camp — a summer camp run by the University of Calgary’s School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape – and they will learn what it takes to design the future of Calgary. One camp will be based out of the School’s new downtown City Building Design Lab just steps away from City Hall, Olympic Plaza and the new Central Public Library and the other at the University Campus. Read more about it here.

Chinook School of Music Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)

Chinook School of Music Summer Camps

Music is a universal language; regardless of your age, language, or ability, you can find joy in the world of music! Now your children can develop their own musical appreciation and skills with Chinook School of Music day camps. Designed for ages 3-12, Chinook School of Music’s day camps fuel a love of music in an active and stimulating learning environment. No previous experience is required, and children will experience an inspiring and creative week of music.

Read more about it here.

Heritage Park Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)

Heritage Park Summer Camps

When school lets out for the holidays, give your child a chance to go back in time at a Heritage Park day or overnight summer camp! Available for children aged 6-14, all Heritage Park summer camps are hands-on and fun-filled. They give kids a unique taste of how things used to be. Campers, dressed in a period costume, journey back in time to discover train, horse, and wagon travel, learn their lessons in a one-room schoolhouse and even do a few chores around the ranch. Your kids will gain a personal perspective on history and all that fresh air and space to play is a recipe for happy kids and easy bedtimes! Read more about it here.

Summer Camps at Cardel Rec South, Calgary AB (Family Fun Canada)Cardel Rec South Summer Camps

Are your kids interested in engineering, arts, sports, or dance? How about skating, hockey, or photography? If you’re looking for something interesting and inspiring to keep your children occupied and entertained during their school break this summer, we found it! Cardel Rec South’s specialized day camp programs for kids aged 3 through teenager may be just the thing for your child! In addition to making new friends and having tons of fun, your child will leave these camps with increased knowledge and skills. Don’t tell them that they’re learning this summer; they’ll be having too much fun to notice! Read more about it here.

Quest Theatre Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)

Photo Credit: Trudie Lee

Quest Theatre Summer Camps

Remember the joy of wrapping your hair up in a towel, clutching your hairbrush, and singing Don’t Stop Believin’ in the mirror? Remember making forts out of couch cushions? Give your kids some of their own funny and exciting memories this summer! When school lets out it’s time for children to do what they do best: explore, have fun, make new friends and get creative.  Quest Theatre Summer Drama Camps celebrate the organic, ridiculous and brilliant creations of your child!  Kids ages 6-14 can explore the world of live performance with experienced artists who love to share their passion for theatre. Read more about it here.


Youth Singers of Calgary Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)

Youth Singers of Calgary Summer Performing Arts Camps

Calling all kids! Get off your screens and avoid summer boredom with the Youth Singers of Calgary Performing Arts Summer Camps! The Youth Singers of Calgary have planned some awesome summer performing arts camps that will have your child singing, dancing, making new friends, and laying it down on stage. These camps, for kids from grade one to eight, are for ANY experience and ability, so if you’re interested, you’re in! Campers will experience a variety of popular styles of music and dance as they take part in choral and choreography sessions. Read more about it here.

Alien In-Line Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)

Alien In-Line Summer Camps

This summer your kids, ages 6 -12, can experience a summer camp that’s out of this world, with Alien In-Line Skating! Alien In-Line is well-known for its presence in Calgary schools, introducing and refining the sport of in-line skating. Kids love it and look forward to gym class even more than usual when Alien is at their school, and now kids can attend a week-long summer camp to keep the fun going! Summer camps with Alien teach in-line skating, but they’re for all kids who want to skate. Read more about it here.


Alborak Stables Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)

Alborak Stable Inc. Summer Camps

There’s something about horses that have enchanted us for centuries. The majesty they represent and camaraderie they provide are irresistible to many people, and even in this digital age, some things don’t change! Alborak Stable Inc., located in the foothills of the Rockies only 30 minutes west of Calgary, offers exceptional horse-based summer camps. Alborak boasts facilities for raising and training horses for the Olympic disciplines and is inviting your kids for an unforgettable week-long experience! Read more about it here.


Winsport Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)

WinSport Summer Camps

This summer, give your kids an adventure they’ll remember all year long! There is a growing epidemic of kids choosing technology over outdoor play. Most parents love to see their kids step away from the screen and get outside because good things happen when kids play so WinSport offers exciting and active summer camps for kids aged 3 to 16. WinSport’s camps aim to build athleticism and a foundation of fundamental movement skills by providing children with intentional and exceptional instruction. Plus, they’ll have heaps of fun and come home tuckered out! Read more about it here.

Leighton Art Centre Summer Camp (Family Fun Calgary)Leighton Art Centre Summer Camps

Leighton Art Centre Summer Camps – for kids aged 6 to 14 – offer a hands-on connection to art, nature and Alberta’s heritage over 8 individual weeks during July and August 2019. Each week campers will be inspired to create in a wide variety of art forms, while exploring the natural Alberta Foothills setting through nature hikes and outdoor games and activities. Read more about it here.


Calgary Gymnastics Centre (Family Fun Calgary) Calgary Gymnastics Centre Summer Camps

Do your little monkeys start to swing from the chandeliers when they have too much time at home? Save your light fixtures (and your sanity!) and let them jump, swing and tumble their way through a fun-filled summer at the Calgary Gymnastics Centre! Camps and evening programs are offered in July and August for kids from 18 months to 17 years. Your child(ren) will have a blast with experienced and dedicated coaches and programs are offered at both the West and the North locations. Participants will learn new gymnastics skills, play cooperative games, create crafts, and make lots of new friends! Read more about it here.

Pinnovate Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)

Pinnovate Summer Camps

Pinnovate DIY Studio is Calgary’s family-friendly crafting destination. They have a wide range of DIY crafts and activities for all ages and interests, whether you’re planning a night out, some family time, or a birthday party. This summer your kids can have their own crafting experience as they create something amazing at the Pinnovate Painting and Maker and DIY Summer Camp! Plus, Family Fun Calgary readers get a discount code!

Read more about it here.

Lambert Academy Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)

Lambert Academy of Sugarcraft Summer Camps

What if you could choose a camp that offered your children creativity, new friends, useful skills, and delicious creations? Lambert Academy of Sugarcraft has Kids Cake Decorating Camps where all this is possible. The three day Cake Camp (or one of the Cookie Camps) is a fun decorating camp that kids ages 9 to 14 years will love. Cake decorating offers a great opportunity for kids to learn essential kitchen skills, including food safety and cleaning up after themselves. Kids will learn that the kitchen is a fun and inspiring place to be as they develop self-confidence in practical skills and new activities and learn how to work with others. Read more about it here.

Pedalheads Summe Camps (Family Fun Calgary)

Pedalheads Summer Camps

Calgary parents know and love Pedalheads Summer Camps. Many Calgary kids have done everything from learning bike safety to getting rid of their training wheels through a Pedalhead program. But did you know that Pedalheads is more than learning to ride a bike (as exciting as that moment is!)? Registration is now open for Pedalheads, and you can choose from bike camps, mountain bike camps, and even sports camps. Plus, the half-day camps are now longer (even for the little ones) with extra care options available to give parents more options for work, errands, or just taking a “brake”! Read more about it here.

Camp Cadicasu Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)

Camp Cadicasu Summer Camps

What makes a memorable, idyllic summer? Usually, it’s time spent playing outside, trying new experiences, challenging yourself, and seeing where imagination can take you! You can give your child wonderful, life-long summer memories this year with Camp Cadicasu Summer Camps! Overnight summer camps at Camp Cadicasu offer a sanctuary in nature with exciting and practical activities. Your kids will go back to the basics while they head off exploring in the forest, building shelters, and learning how to build a fire without matches. Camps focus on activities that help kids connect with nature and build community. Read more about it here.

Tuck-n-Tumble Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)

Tuck-N-Tumble Gymnastics Summer Camps

Your kids are constantly on the move, so why not give them a place to use that energy? Kids naturally tumble and roll and bound through life, so let them have a wonderful time being kids, somewhere that is not in your house, and sign them up for a Tuck-N-Tumble Gymnastics Camp! Gymnastics promotes both physical well-being as well as self-esteem and self-confidence. It’s a  sport that many young children are naturally drawn to and it helps build a solid physical foundation for every child. Balance, strength, and flexibility are the amazing side effects of a fabulous week at summer camp! Read more about it here.

YouthWrite Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)YouthWrite Summer Camps

Words, stories, and books. Of course, these are valuable assets for everyone. But there are some people who cherish books and stories and treasure the power of words like it’s their life breath. If you have a young writer in your household, you know what I’m talking about and you need to know about YouthWrite Summer Camps! YouthWrite Summer Camps are about wordplay, writing, and creative expression. Participants will learn the craft of writing, not only the mechanics of language but also the power of a story, and will have fun doing it! Read more about it here.

H/W School of Ballet Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)

H/W School of Ballet Summer Camp Programs

Do you have a child who wants to keep dancing over the summer? With individualized instruction and experienced dance teachers, H/W School of Ballet offers a satisfying and rewarding dance school experience. By challenging and cultivating each young dancer who walks through their doors, dancers are empowered and motivated to meet their goals. Now, the H/W School of Ballet is offering summer camp programs where you can introduce your little dancer to their first plié or help them become even more accomplished dancers than they already are. Read more about it here.

Kayben Farms Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)Kayben Farms’ Summer Camps

Kayben’s summer day camps for kids aged 6 – 12 years old offer a week of natural play, fueled by imagination, where building and creating come first. Your kids will go back to nature and experience those beautiful summer days outside, making their own fun. If it rains, there will be some alternate activities planned, but many outdoor activities will still take place. Guided by Kayben’s enthusiastic and trained staff, these lucky kids will interact with the farm’s animals, listen to nature, play, and even contribute to the farm! Read more about it here.



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