Abigails Tea House Goodie tray- Photo Denise Davy
Come for a Cuppa – Tea houses in Southern Ontario

Legend has it that in the mid-eighteenth century the Duchess of Bedford, a lifelong friend of Queen Victoria, served an afternoon tea as a way of holding her hungry guests over until the evening meal arrived. That move inspired a trend that leads to the opening of tea houses around
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What to see in Toronto in Any Weather

Here’s what to see and do in Toronto, in any weather! Toronto is a lot of things: it’s exciting, it’s multicultural, there’s always something happening. But known for excellent weather? I would argue, no. Between city-shuttering snowstorms and summer humidity that curls even the straightest of hair, the climate in
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Coffee at Hamilton's Cherry Birch General - Photo Denise Davy
Cool Cafes That Are Hot in Hamilton

You’re missing a lot if you’ve only seen Hamilton from the James Allan Bridge that arches across the bay on the way from Toronto to Niagara. The smokestack skyline that is your view from the bridge says more about the city’s past than the present day. For many years, the
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Family Adventures in the Haliburton Forest and Wildlife Reserve

After a scenic four-hour drive from Ottawa, we arrived at the Haliburton Forest and Wildlife Reserve visitor’s centre. The first thing our son, David, wanted to do was get a photo with the huge stuffed bear found inside the main lobby. He was also excited when the information desk staff
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digital detox. Photo Melody Wren
How to Have an Urban Digital Detox in Downtown Toronto

Welcome to Part One of a series on Digital Detox; exploring how to do a complete disconnect from technology while travelling to different destinations. A digital detox is going without technology for a certain period so phones, TV, radio, computers – anything that connects us to the outside world are
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A Family Guide to Sault Ste. Marie

Sault Ste. Marie is known for its excellent fishing, its place in the hearts of the Group of Seven painters, and as the birthplace of astronaut Roberta Bondar, but have you considered it as a family vacation destination? Here are my picks for what to do and where to eat
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Kitchenwe Waterloo Oktoberfest
Prost! 7 Family Friendly Events at Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest

Say ‘Oktoberfest’ to any adult and the first thing that likely pops into his or her head is likely beer, beer, beer. Not exactly a kid-friendly image, right? But there’s so much more to Oktoberfest than drinking and you don’t even have to go all the way to Munich to
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A proud gardener at Upper Canada Village demonstrates how the vegetables are grown - Photo Jan Feduck
Tasty Time Travel: Food History at Canada’s Historic Sites

Children sat quietly around a harvest table eating with their family and talking about what farm chores needed to be done for the day. This French family was dining as if in the 1700s at New Brunswick’s Acadian Village. A little boy, visiting with his family stood around the outside
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stratford - chocolate_trail - Photo Stratford Tourism Alliance
Savour a Summer Day in Stratford, Ontario

You might think Stratford is all Shakespeare and theatre fans – and you’re not far off, it is a wonderfully arts-driven town with high calibre productions – but its appeal goes far beyond that, even. Stratford has so much more to offer than just the theatre. It’s worth at least
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10 Southern Ontario Summer Road Trips

If you’re like me and have teenagers who lucked into summer jobs, you may think its time to say goodbye to easy summer fun and so long to any chance of getting away. But if you live in southern Ontario, or anywhere near the GTA, there are tons of options
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