Little Venice to Camden Town on the Regent's Canal by Helen Earley
Little Venice to Camden on the Regent’s Canal: A Peaceful Day Out in a London We Never Knew Existed

The water laps up against the hull of our canal boat, which is puttering along at its maximum permitted speed of 4 miles per hour. Noses pressed against flat glass windows, my family watches the world go by: gentle weeping willows, stone bridges, grand brick mansions with iron gates, cyclists,
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best christmas markets in the world
Make Your List and Check it Twice for the 6 Best Christmas Markets in the World

Twinkling lights, bustling crowds, crisp air, handcrafts made with love, and the spiced warming smells of the season–there’s nothing quite like a Christmas market to drum up that festive spirit! Christmas markets are a tradition around the world, but no matter way they are, they have a way of transporting
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Harry Potter Bus Photo Sabrina Pirillo
The Making of Harry Potter Studio Tour in London, England

Ever wonder what it would be like to walk through Hogwarts’ Great Hall, visit Hagrid’s home or see how Dobby moves? Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls let me introduce you to The Making of Harry Potter Warner Bros. Studio Tour London, located just 20 miles northwest of London, England.
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Credit Wilderness Scotland
Take a (Luxurious) Walk on the Wide Side with Wilderness Scotland

Some of Scotland’s most spectacular destinations can be found within the country’s National Parks; they’re the perfect playground for outdoor enthusiasts. Specialty tour operator Wilderness Scotland, Scotland’s only five-star accredited adventure tour operator, has recently announced two new wilderness walking adventures through Scotland and neighbouring England, and a new luxury
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Family Fun at the Headland Hotel and Spa in Newquay, Cornwall UK

A focus on Cornish tradition, a “five bubble” spa… and a passion for its canine guests makes The Headland Hotel and Spa in Newquay, Cornwall, a Victorian seaside landmark that no visitor to South West England should miss. But despite its grandeur, The Headland is also an entirely welcoming environment
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Keep Calm and Save Money: 9 Ways to Pinch the Pennies in England this Summer - Family Travel Article by Helen Earley
Keep Calm and Save Money: 9 Ways to Pinch the Pennies in England this Summer

Some say that travelling to England for a family vacation is expensive, but that doesn’t mean that you should dump it from your bucket list! Using a few of these money-saving tips and tricks will allow you to make the best of your next UK vacation – without breaking the bank.
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48 hours of Family Fun in Belfast, Northern Ireland

While you probably wouldn’t condone your kids watching Game of Thrones, you should definitely take them to the fantastic land where it’s filmed. Northern Ireland is spectacularly beautiful with landscapes like nowhere else on earth. And of course, the capital Belfast should be the centerpiece of your trip. Here are
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Vacation Homework – What to Read, Watch and Listen to Before You Go!

The usual pre-vacation research can be somewhat tedious. Hotel accommodations and car rentals and maps may be a must, but It’s time to infuse some fun into the process. What better way to do that than a bit of twist on the usual to-do list. Go ahead and pore over
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Study abroad mei international
Studying Abroad with MEI International Academy: Where Teenagers Live it to Learn it

It was the Face Time call that had me in tears. Sorrow? Joy? It was both. I missed my daughter terribly. She was in her hotel room with the busy streets of Paris out the window. It was week two of her summer adventure and she was loving it. Stories
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Our Hi-Low vacation in London.
London Calling – A High-Low view of the UK’s Capital!

Whenever I start planning a trip, I fall into a weird, momentary trap, where I think I can travel like Britney Spears: unlimited Cristal in first-class, high-end luxury suites and hand-fed truffle oil tartare by a Michelin-star chef for dinner. Here’s how it usually plays out: my kids fight over
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