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Aidan Hopp follows in his grandfather’s footsteps - Photo Carol Patterson
Ranching History at Bar U Ranch: Photo Gallery

At the annual Chore Horse Competition at Bar U Ranch National Historic Site in September, skilled teamsters (people who drive horses on long reins) harnessed up tons of horseflesh to recreate ranching work of bygone eras. For one afternoon I could sink into the historical connections between steed and horseman,
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3 Days, 2 Nights and 1 Horse – Photo Gallery

In 2013 when rains and meltwater combined to cause the biggest flood in Alberta’s history, the Brewster River which runs through the grounds at Sundance Lodge threatened the buildings so the staff were evacuated by helicopter. Before they flew away, they removed all tack and released the horses from the
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Hawks Cay key lime pie - Photo Shelley Cameron-McCarron
Hawks Cay Resort Picture Gallery

Saltwater sprays my face and I grin, sinking back into my seat on a small boat powering through the Atlantic Ocean en route to the Coffins Patch Sanctuary Preservation Area, home to some of the best snorkelling in Florida’s Middle Keys. It’s day three of our stay at Hawks Cay
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Solo et Duo Venice Photo Gallery

The sun was setting over the lagoon in Venice as the gold-trimmed, black gondola I was riding in glided into a darkening canal, as gently as a leaf spinning on a pond. As the gondolier guided his craft alongside candlelit waterfront restaurants and under ancient bridges, I could see the
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