Along the promenade Mazetlan Photo Go Mazetlan
Mazatlán Celebrates the World’s Third Largest Carnaval Celebration

The world famous Malecón of Mazatlán (a beautiful oceanfront promenade) is the stage of a spectacular week of celebrations, filled with music, dancing, parade floats, food, drinks, and a festive and euphoric atmosphere at Carnaval. Taking place from February 8 through February 13, this year’s theme is “Patasalada: Circo de
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Québec City's Winter Carnival and the Magic of Bonhomme
Québec City’s Winter Carnival and the Magic of Bonhomme

Bonhomme is much more than just a snowman.  To the Québecois, Bonhomme is as real as you, or me…or the Tooth Fairy! Jolly Bonhomme Carnaval  is The King of Winter. To some children (and most adults) he is more magical than Santa Claus. At 7 feet tall, and allegedly made of snow,
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