Victoria Gardens The vista from the Abkhazi Teahouse - photo Debra Smith
A Tale of Two Victoria Gardens

Discover the roots of these two very different but equally enchanting gardens, The Butchart Gardens and the Abkhazi Garden in Victoria, B.C. Victoria, B.C., the City of Gardens, is growing – in more ways than one.  Its population has bloomed to just under 350,000 people, mostly due to an influx
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Get Down and Dirty in Hawai’i – As a Garden Volunteer

To a first-time visitor, Hawai’i looks like a natural paradise, but in reality its lush landscape is often the result of a lot of hard work and much of that is done by volunteers. Spending time in a garden is a great family activity and an opportunity to share a
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Planting seeds in dirt
Urban Adventures: Gardening with Your Kids

It is never too early to teach your children where food comes from.  Whether you live on a massive piece of farmland or in a few hundred square foot apartment there is always space to grow a few plants. While the eldest was at school, the three year old and
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