Living the Movie Star Life in Palm Springs CA

Sipping prosecco poolside while friends float lazily in the cool turquoise water and the nutty one cannonballs into the pool, then freshening up, each in our own master suite, before heading out for another delicious supper… I have to tell you; life could be a lot worse. And although we
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Feature Exploring Glasgow With Teens and Tweens - Glasgow Discover Scotland day trip Inverary Castle - Photo Shelley Cameron McCarron
Exploring Bonnie Glasgow With Teens and Tweens

Freshly deposited in Glasgow, Scotland’s biggest city at 1.2 million people, my youngest child is surprisingly enthusiastic: about shopping. And I can’t blame the tween fashionista. I’m hooked too as our family of five wheels our suitcases down the teeming sidewalks from Glasgow Queen Street train station to our hotel,
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