St. Patrick’s Day

Green Light! Go Green for St Patrick's Day
Green Light! Go Green for St Patrick’s Day

Green beer is so passe!  This year for St. Patrick’s Day, what about a green Coliseum in Rome, or green Niagara Falls? Tourism Ireland is spreading the green of their emerald isle throughout the world in a “global greening” bid to entice you for a visit or call you home.
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St. Patrick’s Day Parties for the Wee Ones

Growing up, my mom threw frequent parties for my friends and I, often for no reason at all. I love planning parties for my kids, and some holidays lend themselves to super soirees. What easier holiday to celebrate with a themed kids party than St. Patrick’s Day? Decor I keep
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Do You Know the St. Patrick’s Day Rules?
Do You Know the St. Patrick’s Day Rules?

I know that when we’re in our young adulthood (i.e. before having kids), it’s easy to forget some of the family-friendly traditions surrounding “minor” cultural days like St. Patrick’s day. Before having kids, St. Patrick’s Day was about going out for a pint or two of beer at a cheesy
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Keep Calm & Kiss Me, I'm Irish!
St. Patrick’s Day Printables

When I was a child, St. Patrick’s Day meant grown ups talked about something called green beer, there were Shamrock shakes available at that place with the golden arches, and we got to legitimately pinch our friends if they weren’t wearing green! There are so many St. Patrick’s Day themed
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Kermit the Frog, St Patricks Day
Happy St. Patricks Day!

  Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Hope you enjoy a shamrock shake (or something stronger…) and all things Irish! Don’t forget, The Muppets movie comes out on DVD on March 20, 2012.