Travel Photos

An eagle enjoys a shower after exercising. Photo Carol Patterson
Where the Wild Things are in Southern Alberta

Where can you take your nature-loving youngster once they’ve devoured all the animal videos and picture books in your library? When children express an interest in nature, the next step might be to take them outdoors where they can encounter animals in their natural habitat. That can be intimidating if
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Up Close with Wildlife in the Yukon

Early in his career, renowned author Jack London wrote a story about a boat trip down the Yukon River, called “From Dawson to the Sea.” In it, he described the diverse wildlife he encountered during his journey: “Not a sound as we round the tail of a bar, disturbing a
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Solo et Duo Venice Photo Gallery

The sun was setting over the lagoon in Venice as the gold-trimmed, black gondola I was riding in glided into a darkening canal, as gently as a leaf spinning on a pond. As the gondolier guided his craft alongside candlelit waterfront restaurants and under ancient bridges, I could see the
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